Heavy Heart

A difference you are

Making as a butterfly’s' phase in life.


A course you set through me,

Pumping my veins as if I.

Deep emotion immersed into this cold rust

Coarse organ.


How could I love another?


I cannot believe how hard it is to fight what’s right

How difficult things become when fighting the light.


Lost in a puddle of my own emotions

Drowning, gasping for life

Life that barely exists 

The light is shining and I see it piercing my pupil


But a figure 

A dark shadow

A mysterious host of energy

Walking through the eye-blinding light

Healing my weak and hazy sight.


He who stand tall and slouched

Reached into the vortex sucking me into the side

That side of no return.

So giant but gentle.


Dear obscure figure

Why me?

Who has sent you to expel my misery?

Your smile so suave and charming

Your face so plain but plump with intricate

Wonders of my own.

Corageous of a heart you have shown,



You dragged me from the luminous light of eternity.

That puddle of emotions abandoned for this second split.

I, the soul, how did you find me, so deep below the surface

Lost in the never ending abyss like pit?


An identity composed of a joyous young man,

Those ample lips upon mine

Trickles sensation of giddy 

Throughout, up and down all within my spine.

An embrace of tight closure wrapped around my limp body

As you breathe your lively breath with thick application

So reviving and gaudy.


I cried out helplessly 

"Lost in a puddle of my own emotions."

& your reply so humble yet astonishing yet audacious

Swung my body into swift ease.

You the gentle giant said

"I'll find you."

And you had.


The verge of my problematic life had been met

The light was there shining vividly,

Brighter and brighter with each blink upon it set.

But the tall slouched joyous young man

With the ample lips and audacious spirit

with that courageous heart found me

And saved what was left to be made of me and the remains of 

The dripping emotions falling from my exhausting journey 

Of fighting the light.








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