The devil is chasing me 
Always has been 
Since the day I was conceived 
He tries to make me give in 
Though there're many enticements 
And many temptations 
They're not worth my morals 
Facing steady dilapidation 
Inner voices, inner demons 
Disturbing my mind 
While it's everlasting peace 
I'm trying hard to find 
Every time when it feels 
Like I'm losing it altogether 
I remind myself of my our Father 
And his spiritual lever 
Shifting me high into places 
I've never been before 
His wisdom and teachings 
I will never ignore 
These luxuries in life 
Can't ever replace my soul 
They won't ever stop me 
From achieving my goals 
My conscience is telling me 
To find the path worth going on 
To not lose my place 
And remain mentally strong 
As I walk across 
My cocoa colored floor 
I gain a sense of nostalgia 
And love that has been poured 
I know that I know better 
And what's wrong from what's right 
Simply because of that 
My fears are out of sight 
You can try to tempt me 
And try to break me down 
But this state of bliss is here 
As long as He's around 



wow that poem was amazing !!!!


Thanks, God bless. 

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