Are you afraid of the dark

Are you afraid of the dark?

Of silence

Of stillness

Of nothingness

The vast emptiness

U try to make out shapes in the blank space

Can you see it

I see everything

Things I’ve never seen before

The light is a handicap

It cripples you

It blinds you to everything but the obvious

Its muggy, busy, distracting

The dark

The dark is clear, remote, Calm,

Are you afraid of being alone?



Void of human contact, null of friends

I require isolation indeed it cures insanity

It’s a private space for me to clear my mind

All it takes is time

Time is funny

Its funny how an hour can seem like a min and how a min can seem like a moment and then that moment gains momentum until it’s a memory that has changed a millennium

Time is a relative monument, a measurement of life

It’s a melancholy reminder of how little control we have

How systematically set we are

We operate like gears in a clock

But we are not a smooth machine if anything we are broken

Cogs and bolts that grind and spark

A lubricant of lies and rumors keep the wheels turning

As im yearning to go back into the dark

Back into the dark where nothing is known of time

But everything is known of feelings and thoughts

Back when I wasn’t overthinking back when society didn’t exist

Back into and endless sleep

Full or dreams and visions so vivid id swear it was reality

Im not afraid of the dark

I hate the light

They say everything done in the dark comes to light

Well I guess its my turn


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