The Day You Had To Go

Mon, 07/28/2014 - 13:22 -- Kacee17


You were a great mom
You always did a good job
You took care of me and my life
And you were always a great friend
When times had changed I became the mom
I began taking care of you
I took care of you that month
I took care of you that week
I took care of you that day
I checked on you that night
But when it was time
And even though I wanted too hold on so tight
I knew it was time that you had seen the light
I told you how special you were
And what a great job you had done
I opened the garden view window to show you what had become of your garden
That made you so happy but made me very sappy
I couldn't help crying but knew I had to be strong
I told you to follow the light and you had done a great job
Our hearts would all throb but to see you suffer was even rougher
God took you that day so peaceful you laid
I closed your eyes knowing it wasn't lies that I'd see you again one day


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