Sat, 09/28/2013 - 19:51 -- csaba24


You whisper nonsense in my ear

so soft, so gentle

I listen closely to the cadence of your voice

lulling me to contentment.

You laugh.

My heart soars.

It vibrates through my flesh.


You think I am daydreaming.

My eyes are closed

just enjoying the moment.

I feel your smiles in my bones.

I am aware.

I am aware of you.


You seem wide awake

giving me fireworks behind my eyelids.

Your fingers trace patterns on my skin.

You are unaware of how this makes me feel.

I feel you everywhere.


 The daylight streams in the window, blinding me.

 I see white light in the darkness.

 Is it you?


 Your arm secures me to your chest


I lay still against you

relishing how alive you are.


You are the brightness in an empty

desolate room.

You are the light

 that guides me home.


You are talking of the stars

Talking nonsense.

You know how I think.

 I will always think you are talking nonsense.

 But I listen.

 I listen so closely.


 I like your breath in my ear

your voice within my skin.

 I want you closer than humanly possible.

I want you.


Your arms open wide

when I bury myself in your chest.

The warmth

 the heat of you is potent and real.

Your heartbeat flutters every time I move against you.

You want me.


 You love my warmth.

 I know you feel my breath on your chest

my heart beating just as fast as yours.

Shivers wrack your body.

 You keep talking.


Your arms are tight around me


I feel you brush my hair from my cheek

touching me as if I am fragile.

Your scent washes over me

 enveloping me

making me blend into you.


 I inhale deep.

You tense when I sigh

 more aware.

My lips brush your skin

my breath caressing you.


 Your voice is strained.

You react so quickly.

I marvel at how you are so attentive to me.


 I let myself explore you


 I want to show you how I am attentive to you too.


 You have stilled your low voice.

Your breath is shallow.


 I trail my hands to your back.

 I hug you to me, so tight.


Your heartbeat speeds up.

Your hand cups my cheek.


And I open my eyes.

You are my light.


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