Why the dead flower still blooms

I suppose we all know one day we'll die

to some of us that might sound like a sweet  relief

For others it may be a biggest fear. 

For some, Life has been hell

For others much better

Although at times we feel no longer a reason

reason to live, reason to strive

you must remember there is always a little bit of light.

Until the day you live no more

You must strive with what you have left inside

Regardless of how you started

You must end well. 

Hope is something funny.

Too much of it can be deadly.

but none of it is depressing.

Through life we face obstacles

Some more than others

Longer than others

Harder than others

Older or younger than others

We are all different and we all cope different.

Not one of us are worthy enough to judge another's challenges.

However, we must hold on to hope. 

Possibilities are endless

Together we must find the light left

to live this dreadful life.


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