Without Love The Darkness Wins

We live in a society of possessions, wants and needs flow into one as we cling to items claiming we have to have them to survive. We desensitize ourselves to the real world in order to survive and substitute that with physical things that we show off like they are the solution to a happy life, the biggest tv, the fastest car, etc. We have forgotten what is important and for me that is the person who holds my heart and is constantly in my thoughts. I wouldn’t be able to survive without my prince charming, my best friend, my other half. The world is filled with darkness and hate, it is overflowing with anger and pain. Love is often pushed aside as weakness or foolishness. Love adds color to the world, its gives people a reason to get up and fight against a planet full of people who are rooting against happiness. People who are content to live a life of anger. Love helps distort the darkness, love helps people move on from the past of abuse and crushing sadness. Love is the sun to a world with no light. If asked to only have one thing or person forever I would choose the person I love and never look back because without him I become another minion to the pain in the world. 

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Our world


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