Chaos, A Calmed Storm


United States
34° 42' 54.6588" N, 95° 1' 5.6856" W

Are you high?
Don't lie.
No use.
Miss Independent
Thought she could.
All Alone
Hold the phone.

This is her life!
Her knife. Her blood.
Craving Control.
She's the director,
Meth is her show.
She, Isn't me.
She, Found Love
An olive branch
In the mouth of a Dove.

Evil? It's out there.
Scared? You should be.
It kills. It steals. It destroys.
But what? You! Get a clue.
It doesn't have to try
Don't deny.
You consume it
Until it consumes you.
Did you forget what's true? Have you ever known?
Have you ever flown? I have, sky high, and
I could justify. Or did I just lie? I did.
You do too.
Love is out there;
It becuns you!

God is love,
And He is light.
Evil is
What clouds your sight.

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