P.S. I love you (An Open Letter to a distant brother)

Tue, 07/14/2020 - 15:40 -- deSribe



Don't be naive bro

Peace only comes through salvation

Everything else is a delusion.


Your task masters have only one mission - to steal, kill and destroy.

That's the trio combination for your destiny annihilation.

With deceptions you're denied your rightful possessions.


With the promises of Fortune and Fame,

You only enjoy a tenth of your wealth with no rest

While you spend the other ninety in shame

Condemned, distained, and left alone to suffer pain.


Look, Our Lord is Able but we keep following the path of Cain

I'm not insane

I maybe lame

But at the end of the train,

Though it maybe a sweet ride

It all ends up in vain.


You blow the smoke, poof the loud and you make it rain

Well, the weather man is soon returning

Ain't no umbrella that's gonna save you from what's coming.


Look, for us it might be cloudy

It might be stormy

But joy always smiles like the morning sun

Our adversity is carefully designed for our exponentiality.


Pride initiates the law of gravity

Cos no matter how high you take off

You're gonna still fall down


Rock bottom like six feet,

Living and walking in defeat.


Finally you graduate into ten toes

Journeying the path of lost souls

Your life filled with disappointment and your heart filled with many holes.


So, come over here to the living water hole and quench your thirsty soul

And bring life to your shattered bones

And mend your broken heart.


Come over here to the path that leads to the celestial city

Every citizen over here is a king and every subject a celebrity.


Come over here to the light

Come over and claim your right.


You don't wanna be left behind

Turn to the opposite direction cos that's right. (Lol)


Your friend,



P.S. I love you

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This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


Yetty Daniels Tolu

Amazing poem! I'm blessed!

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