Thu, 05/02/2013 - 22:20 -- AminaTG


United States
40° 33' 17.5932" N, 74° 27' 51.4296" W

Distant and forgotten, hiding in the open air,
Present everywhere.
Revealed only for a moment,
like dust caught in a stream of sunlight.

Unknown to those around me.
An old memory discarded from the mind,
waiting for the light to arrive.
Yet that dream can never be.

It is unfair to me.
Things I should experience but cannot,
for I am invisible, lying low in the shadows
where my freedom and I shall forever rot.

Under the carefree sun, you reside.
Smiling faces, wandering around bright places,
leaving me to live a life of a pariah,
heavily veiled by my leering shadows.

Never shifting the balance, we are the light and the dark.
The supporting character, I am the shadow.
Darkening life strengthens your light,
So only you stand out.


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