Beautiful Love Affair

Beautiful Love Affair

This one is for you my unloved mistress,

My muse of the night,

This one is for you my sorrow filled lover,

The one who has been there from the start,

Though you loved me without question,

I questioned why you did,

We laughed and cried together,

Loved and shared the same,

Never letting the real world come under the sheets,

Without a chance to prevail you still stood by my side,

Your heart I owned but you could never step in mine,

For I was with another,

Who loved me just like you,

One who held me at night when we weren't together,

A beautiful stance in time,

She held me when you didn't,

Kissed me when you couldn't,

And loved me when I knew she shouldn't,

Tears from both I wiped from you,

Smiles and love I shared,

Now time has passed and so has this,

This beautiful love affair.


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