Celestial Doors


Flashing gems mount the noble crown 

Dashing passions paint the milky gown 

Pulsing plights sound within the hue-ringed hole 

Convulsing fashions taint the beautiful soul 


White fancies from the earth caress the lonely heir

Bright ambitions from the sky delight the dormant flare

Golden declarations from the stars declare to the dove: 

“Embolden the world with aspirations fueled by blooming love” 


The scarlet river of life yields sparkling flowers of heaven 

The cobalt plate of faith shields gleaming ashes from hellfire 

The blackened fate of old quakes as virtue flows from dull mire 

The silver quill of mercy wakes as doves quell gales of leaven 


From the storm clouds of luster rains dews of eternal glory 

Within whirlwinds of power hales hymns of sincere story

After landslides of fear waits prospects of graces galore 

For though the earthquakes of doom roar, peace shall trump war 


Gems upon the crests beam with strength from years past 

Stems thereon the coals glow with joy amassed 

Seas shaping the heights above impress 

Pleas splashing the auroras bless 


The celestial doors house the hallowed center 

Only spirits cleansed by charity may enter 


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