Driven by the moon
Though I'm sustained by the sun
I find some refuge in believing
God will hold me when I'm done

And I'm oppressed by what I've seen
More so by what I haven't done
And I'm so blessed, they say, so able
And I'm so damn young

But still, I'm driven by the moon
Or maybe darkness, absence of light
Cause lately malice overcomes me
As I've become a slave of spite

And far gone are days of simplicity
My time here has proven my mind
To be as tangled as a sea of veins
Bruised and knotted more all the time

So then I'd wear my state of being
Like a scarf or like a wound
Giving style or giving meaning
Giving out and bleeding through

We're always busy grieving
Always looking for more to dread
I adore you, though
And being sad is better than being dead

So here, in my ride through this dimly lit maze
I calculate the many multitudes of ways
I could escape, ascend, or find a day
That sunlight touched at last

And though im driven by this darkest of plays
I'll surely prevail and find my own way
To recover from the discrepancies of a
Distant, whistling perception of the past.

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Our world


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