Gray People

Mon, 01/27/2014 - 14:02 -- ivesj14

The world is not
Black and white
It's gray -
Millions of shades of it
And it's hard to know
What's right
And wrong
And what's in-between
In that gray area
Between light and dark.


Who deserves my help?
If the world thinks they've done
Something black
Black as night
Perhaps they're only gray
Gray as twilight
And teeter on the edge
Of blackest night
And brightest day.


Perhaps they just need a push
A push in the right direction
Towards day
Not night
A push like the sun
That shows them the light.


Without the sun
They will lose hope and fall
Fall into night
Into black
Where they cannot see the sun
Or even the moon
Or the stars
To guide them out.


So show them the sun
While they are still twilight
While they are still gray
While they are still waiting
For the sun
Or the fall
For the light
Or the dark.


Be the sun
Be the one that still cares
Cares for these gray people
Tainted by dark
But with a chance for light.
Lead them into the light
And don't let them fall any farther.


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