Marked by shades

Marked by shades

            Chained by judgment

            Being blinded by false imagery

            Colors of white to dark

            Long plagued our kind


            Yet we conjured with hope

            Rafting the dirt

            Only to save a few among the many

            But a voice calls out


            Not one of sight

            Instead, one of wisdom

            Equality, light, dreams

            Bringing a spark


            A flame to pass on

            Throughout the lands

            Our homes of home

            The world we all reside in


            Once a great demon had stood

            Keeping us separated

            But we broke the bond of evil

            A time ago, but it still lives


            Out across the many miles

            Where we cannot see

            Places that still stand

            Marked by shades of deception 


Mafi Grey

The shade of my skin, yet the glispe of scars that remind me what use to be. A sight I once could see, but is covered by trees and forge anew. Yet harsh words remind me that the scars are still real and that they were meant to kill. In the eyes of deception and the man stands tall above me, he stands tall to slay me. Curled in a ball as I took my last beaten, and I heard a yell, stop! A call from my mother, screaming for my freedom. 

I just did a little free writing off of your topic, something u might enjoy. Yet this couldn't have happened if you didn't write this, something great in you; it's just waiting to be let out.

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