The Darkness of Night

The Darkness of Night

By Ryan G.



Darkness had fallen, dressed in black

The army stood, no light

shined through the dark walls of the shack,

Waiting for the last fight.


The great city, fallen and ransacked,

the people lost their might,

death, accompanying the attack,

Caused pain in the night.


The bloody red surprise attack,

That came during the night,

Shook the city awake, and a crack

caused pain in the knights.


The pain from the crack and hijack

Shook the men, the campsite

fell to darkness, the maniac  

Smiled, happy at the sight.


Motivated by his payback

He rode, without a fright,

with a simple sword and backpack,

To murder at midnight.


He stood before the maniac,

Lit up by the moonlight,

With his hair and his sword drawn back,

He fought for fallen knights.  


With pain in his step, he set back

With pride, he won the fight.  

He returned to the dark shack,

Just to find a bright light.


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