But Now I Am...


When sorrow weighs on shoulders bare,
And darkest gloom maintains its snare.
The light of day seems black as night,
As seconds stretch with aching plight.
Unhinged, my heart sinks in my chest,
It beats with an unending jest.
I’ve grown quite faint, the end is near,
In anguish, I'm consumed with fear.
No hint of hope or sweet relief,
Just my own cold and killing grief,
I shut my eyes but know not sleep,
My tired body will not keep.
My eyes are lost and see no light,
My flesh is chained in shackles tight.
In Death I’ve found life’s fatal creed,
“This world is vanity, indeed.”

  But now I am...


For joy has met me to allieve,
The darkness that did make grieve.
The night has passed and dawn does peak,
Time’s chains have failed to make me weak.
My heart is leaping from my breast,
Since I’ve beheld dear freedom’s crest.
Sustained and pardoned, life has come,
Vanquished fear with one fatal strum.
All hope is found; all life is sweet,
As I bask at my Sovereign’s feet.
I cannot help but take it in,
The sight of mortals freed from sin.
And with the jarring rooster’s crows,
From the dungeon I arose.
In Life I’ve found a faithful sign,
That He cried out and said, “Your mine!”


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