As Light as My Shadow


When I am weary and tired of worrying,

I take a look at my phone and see what

new vine is spreading.

I distract myself from a heart

beating too fast

and a mind reading too quick

oh stop - 

just breathe I tell myself.

When the socks aren't folded

and the laptop is left out,

my check isn't deposited and

the dogs have to be walked,


I stare at the mountains and the warm

city lights, reminding me that this is 

all so real.

I try to stop but I can't - 

oh my thoughts are racing.

Maybe a ticket for thought speeding

will slow my burdens and problems


The light will be switched on in my


Like the flick of a switch in my living room area,

my brain will remember 

all is well and don't worry.


The sun will still rise and your

heart will still beat, 

Flowers will be picked and there

are candies to eat.

Sweet smiles I can do,

and giggles I can expose

to the God all knowing

who sees all my heart's prose.


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