Ode to a Diamond




O diamond, how bright you shine

Through the blackness that crushes

Every glistening edge of your crystal form.

Your rarity glows parallel to the sun,

And sparkles like the stars

That twinkle with the success of our ancestors.

If one is fortunate enough to find

And grasp your silky surface

In the palm of their hand,

They’ll have everything they’ve ever hoped for.




O diamond, how hard a coal must be pressed

In order to ensure your perfection,

How hard the earth must work

To form such a wondrous thing.

Your beauty is comparable to your worth,

For every man dreams of you

And your illustrious impact

On a monetary scale.

Your rich skin provides

An aspiration for many to chase.




O diamond, how sumptuous you are

With your clear hues of success

That contrast with the darkness that is

The greed of man.

For you are such a precious gem

That is trapped in a sea of black

And must be forced out

The same way you were forced in.

O diamond what a gift you are,

O diamond how great art thou.



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