Shapes and Shadows


United States
34° 48' 15.6816" N, 86° 36' 38.5596" W

Shapes and shadows in the night,
When the darkness is chased away by light.
A silhouette of two lovers walking down the street.
Lit by the guiding lamps, that illuminate there way.
Dancing on the wall with graceful jittering,
The rays do not lose faith of reaching weary eyes.
All those whose hearts and hands are not filled,
Who pass the lovers, such are the eyes that are weary.
Weary of seeing the same picture everyday,
Being ever reminded of the incomplete picture of their own.
The shapes of the shadows do change,
With every passing between the light.
And as the night turns to the glorious day,
A life of weary eyes and lightless walks
Is taken into a hand and falls into dismay,
As the empty heart slowly finds it’s way to rest.



This poem feels like falling in love and loss of it all at once. I think I've noticed your rhyming in the first two lines- which are my favorite- "Shapes and shadows in the night, When the darkness is chased away by light." As well as noticing it, I noticed that your other lines did not rhyme. But I'm actually quite happy about that because I see that you did not sacrifice what you had to say, what you wanted to say in this piece just so you can rhyme. This poem was short, sweet and very lovely. Thank you for sharing it.


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