Light Overcomes

You don't have to let them take you down.

You don't have to let them turn your smile into a frown.

There's people in this world who are rude and mean,

but they'e no better than you no matter how it may seem.


There are people in this world who deal in darkness,

whose pupose in life is to dim your light.

No matter how hard it may get, stay on the right side.

Don't try to be like them,

using their wicked ways,

but stay on the narrow path where the light shines its strongest and hardest rays.


 I know it may be hard somtimes,

when you may feel like you don't fit in,

but there is a punishment for your unforgiven sin.


Remember it may seem like their lives are the best,

but in the end their lives will be an eternal mess.



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