All I Need

dear, all i need is you,

and i think we both know that

all i need,

all i need is your hand wrapped in mine and

all i need to see

is your face because

dear, i swear

i swear that all the earth's beauty exists in you and

your soul shines so bright,

i swear i can see it just as brilliantly on the outside

and all i need

all i need to hear is your voice

and only yours

because dear,

when you sing,

it is my most favorite song and

all i need is you

all i need to know is that you're alive

and breathing because


dear, your breath breathes life into my soul and

ignites it in a way no man-made creature ever could


dear, all i need is you;

a celestial being

created by nothing but light and dear,

my dear,

my love,

all i need...

all i need is you

they say that time heals all wounds,

but, dear,

time just makes me want you more because

no, it's not time

i don't need time

i need you and

i'm certain that i can't exist without what my body feeds on

so dear,

i need you

all i need is you.

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