The Glow of Hope

A light

A single light can mean so much in times of turmoil.

But, I realize now it's not so much the light as the source from which it gleams from.


Do sailors when in view of a lighthouse off shore leading them to harbor love the light, or the source of the light.

Do people returning home to their parents love the light from the windows of the house and glow of the porch light, or the source of the light.

Do military soldiers love the light of a rescue helicopter or the source of it.


The light of hope that gleams for myself glows from the dim bulbs of my Aunt Terry's Tiffany lamps. 

To me they mean not only hope, but they also mean sanctuary, family, respect, truth, harmony, potential, education, and my second chance at life.


The only thing I hope to the people of the world is that they find their light they're searching for. Because when the warm glow surrounds you, it well also bring peace.

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My family
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