Rays of Light

My eyes are closed

The sun is out

Though I’m still enclosed

I can hear them shout


I look out to the rising sun

It looks back with a batch of faces

The burdens holding me down feel like a ton

They look at all my empty spaces


Why do I get up?


The faces look down on me

Like different rays of light

Why do they torture me

Will this make things right


Why do I get up?


Once their shine pierces my skin

I notice the lack of pain

The warmth causes me to grin

With every smile I feel no strain


Should I get up?


Every ray represents a friend

All different colors appear

Their light has no end

True happiness has never been so clear


Should I get up?


These faces give me motivation

Only with their shine can I rise

They make my life have innovation

The warmth I feel is my ultimate prize


This is why I get up


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