Where do I stand

Where do i stand


All my life

back when my mom was still alive

she would always notice my brother and give him what he wants

i was 8 he was 16

he was bound to college i'm still bound for nothing


just before i hit 16 i lost my mom

the person that i expect to push me into things

like how my brother was motivated and inspired to become a dentist

Here I am, lost


I dont know about you but she would set my day right

tell me what to do and what to not

She was the light of my life

and now it's dark

Where do I stand?

Where do I go without her guidance


This question 

this question that I ask myself everyday

I think about the future

but nothing seems to be going straight


But i need to push

Inhale exhale

I'll get through this


Right now, 

I'm still looking for my own light

one that would shine through her

Life may be tight

But i know the thought of her makes it better


I may not hear from her anymore

But it is her that I am doing this for



This poem is about: 
My family


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