Her Paradise

It was when you regarded her in paradise

And saw her cinnamon skin gleaming

Fresh out of the salt water

You noticed her soft, curved hips

Her smile

And her beauty she only revealed to you


It was in paradise

You discovered the wispy sensations

Fleeting, yet wholly there

Her moans were holy scriptures

That made you feel a thousand religious emotions without words


It was in paradise

You grasped her hair

You pulled her so close you could smell her salt

She was a part of you

Her eyes melting into your heart


She laid down in a million hibiscus flowers

She breathed daisies and daffodils

She laughed lavender and cried in pink bleeding hearts

But she had one flower for you

Her orchid was yours

Budding with giant puddles of petals

Gleaming in it’s dewy beautesque


When she looked at you across the room

With those marigold eyes lidded

Her shoulders exposed like great sand hills

And her fingers on her neck

You saw her bloom before you

And you breathed in everything she had to give


It was in her paradise

You realized she was life in the flesh


You know one day her petals will wither

Her marigold eyes will not be as heavily lidded

But you always know

Her orchid

Her essence

Her entire self, stem, and roots

Will be yours to hold graciously

So don’t let go



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