Bright Star

There’s always been a darkness

A never-ending pain

A pit of infinite loneliness

A hole within my chest.

I’d tried so hard to be rid of it

But nothing seemed to help

I hated everything about my life

Because things always went wrong

After they were finally right.

I didn’t want to live any longer

And I almost embraced Death,

But then I experienced something new


It flung aside the darkness

It soothed away the pain

It plucked apart the loneliness

And filled the hole in my chest.

I fell in love with it,

This beautiful shining light

Pulsing with strength

Glowing with hope.

But unfortunately it shone all alone.

I was captivated

I would’ve done anything for my Star

So when my darkness tried to grab it,

I was forced to push it away to keep it safe.

Now it shines for someone else

I can see it in the distance

But I know that I can’t reach it.

My darkness is back around me

Always whispering in my ear

It punishes me for letting the Star weaken it.

All I want is to see my Star

Because maybe it could heal my heart

Maybe it could kill my darkness

Maybe this time,

I could be enough for her.


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