My mind has been reborn.

Ecstasy consumes me.

Happiness is pouring out of my body,
seeping through my pores,
illuminating the air around me.
Inspiration is coursing through my bones.
I can feel my soul, it’s glowing inside of me.
There’s no going back.
I crave adventure, I crave light.
I want the love and the warmth that comes
with being comfortable in your own skin.
The trees and the air whisper to me.
They are telling me their secrets, confiding in me.
Even though I can’t tell what they’re saying,
I will one day learn their language.
Passion is flowing from me as I write this,
letting my mind take control,
and writing down what’s alive in my heart.
I have this yearning,
and it’s begging me to step out of my comfort zone.
To look fear in the eye and say, ” I DEFY YOU!”
And to gravitate towards confidence.
I was blind before.
How could I have been so blind as
To let the distractions and worries of this world shield my soul,
and my spirit from the Universe?
From this captivating,
illuminescent Universe.
All I know now is that I’m writing,
opening up,
letting out the deepest parts of me that I was so afraid of,
so ashamed of, that I felt I need to hide them.
Even from myself.
God is here, all around me.
I’m free, I’m free!
I tell you, there is no greater feeling
than this, from what I have yet experienced.
This hope, this bright,
vitalic future that me,
I, this spiritual being, has.
It’s almost as if someone has exposed me to the sunlight for the first time.
It was blinding, almost too much for me to handle.
Then, my eyes started to adjust.
The warmth gave me this spiraling energy,
and the light expanded me,
helping me to soar, to fly.
I have nowhere to go now but up.
Up, up and away.
All good, hearty, and mediocre things come in time.
But I have found this glorious, majestic, lifting, freeing spirit.
And because it’s a great thing,
It came in one powerful moment.


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