Light in a Lonely Night

Sun, 08/27/2017 - 05:15 -- shgngro

I was sitting in the middle of the night
Exactly at the roof of our house
Trying to find stars
That can serve as the light
The light in the middle of the darkness
In the middle of the night without any light

I was finding stars
I've seen plenty of them twinkling in the sky
But I knew to myself
They are so many
but no one of them is enough
To brighten my lonely night

I was near at losing my hope
Trying to calm myself and not to be scared
Trying to hold back in my dream
A dream to see the light that I want
So I'd tighten my grip to survived
But I knew to myself that it wont last

Until you came
You lighten the darkness
That I thought would be permanent
I thought I can't see the light that I need
But you came and brought me into senses
You provided the light, my moon

Back then I didn't recognized you
Because I am so busy
So busy to find my light in the stars
In the stars that are so plenty
But I realized they are all just ordinary
And you are the only extraordinary

So please don't leave me my light
Just be the moon in my lonely night
Just shine until I can see the sun
But don't worry I wont forget you
You will be my favorite light
Coz you're the only one who lightens me in the lonely night

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