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The sun, a splinter, Breathed the light, Touching the eye   (Blue),   Shows dew as it is, Yet not its becoming.
 Tank tops swelter in blazing week;Your sweater's no needed in days of bleak;Keep your eyes in clamoring massed street--They are now fully awakefrom codology of vexing class of slick Cozy moments knocked by shrieking wind;Your senses were trying n
Tank tops swelter in blazing week;Your sweater's no needed in days of bleak;Keep your eyes in clamoring massed street--They are now fully awakefrom codology of vexing class of slick Cozy moments knocked by shrieking wind;Your senses were trying no
                                                                                                                          Ce n’est pas obligatoire Mais je me fais le devoir
Under The Bridge In Del Rio, Texas USA   Under the bridge in Del Rio are stopped, stuck, stationed
Trust me: all mothers are incredibly special Wonderful, beautiful and phenomenal Without mothers, there will be no living
May is the month of love May is the month of all flowersMay is the month of all Mothers.
The month of May Exists so we can love The beautiful flowers of nature
I have never seen an ugly flowerFlowers are always full of grandeurFlowers are known to be beautifulAll the time, that's stupendously wonderfulAll flowers speak a beautiful language
Keine Ratte steht tatsächlich über dem Gesetz Gerechtigkeit muss blind, fair, gleich und roh sein Für alle, in einer demokratischen Gesellschaft
Be brave enough to walk awayAnd don't look backBe brave to say goodbyeBe brave enough to go your wayBe brave not to tell a lie.
                                                      I want to be known by one name Like Dessalines, Christophe and Pétion Like Pelé, Ali or a Great Champion
Woman, woman, oh sweet womanMy love, my crib, my tokenIn my daily diaryEvery day is your journeyYou are my soul, my pillarI cherish you everydayAnd I love you, my flower.
It is wonderful that you unilaterally
           Eu te ofereço meu doce coração todos os dias Em vez de céu e bolos de mel Eu te ofereço buquês de lindas flores
                             In the USA, Black History month is celebrated In February, the month with the shortest days
We must love our own First We must fight for our own First
Be brave enough to walk away And don’t look back Be brave to say goodbye Be brave enough to go your way Be brave not to tell a lie.
My love, my all My friend, my soul When I say I love you It is not a joke It's not a sad laughingstock
Sotto il ponte a Del Rio sono fermi, bloccati, appostati, accerchiati Ammucchiati migliaia di migranti Haitiani, non Ucraini
                                           Sous le pont De Del Rio sont arrêtés, coincés, entassés Amassés des milliers d'Haïtiens migrants, pas d'Ukrainiens
Sob a ponte Del Rio eles estão parados, presos, estacionados Milhares de imigrantes Haitianos, não Ucranianos Francamente, se fossem os últimos, não seriam penalizados
Bajo el puente Del Río están parados, atascados, estacionados Miles de inmigrantes Haitianos, no Ucranianos Francamente, si fueran estos últimos, no serían sancionados
Meu país é o belo sol Meu país não é o inverno rigoroso Meu país é um Éden muitas vezes verde Sempre lânguido e tropical ao amanhecer.  
Mi patria es el hermoso sol Mi país no es el invierno duro Mi país es un edén a menudo verde Siempre lánguido y tropical al amanecer.  
My country is the beautiful sun My country is not the hard winter My country is an often green Eden
                                                              Tocaré todas las campanas Para tu cumpleaños Saldré de mis bolsillos Bonitas joyas de las hermosas calas.
Mi amor cuando te vas Cuando se vaya Es mi luna que se va Es mi sol que se va Yo no como
My love when you leave When you walk away It's my moon vanishing It's my sun disappearing I do not eat
December is the coolest month
I am dreaming of a beautiful black Noel night Tonight, where the jolly stars can easily be seenIn the sky. From afar, the moon is clear and brightAnd the clouds create a wonderfully divine scene.
I miss you only if you miss my smile
                                                Betrayed and backstabbed By our African brothers. Insulted, humiliated and robbed
                                    Violence against women is simply unacceptable.
                                            I thought I loved you But I am beginning to love you more And more
What is this, who is this, what is this? 
Too many think that they are GodToo many think that they know GodToo many think that they see GodToo many talk like they know GodToo many sinsToo many SatansToo many prosecutors
Sometimes, we have to be brave to say hello, To a neighbor or a stranger who won't respond.At times, we have to wave at the ducks in the pond, Without being sprayed with spittle or water of coco. Sometimes, we bow our head to greet a teacher, A pr
    Hate is vileHate doesn't smileHate is rough and toughAnd sips bad stuff. Hate hitsHate spitsFire, fireIn the dire drier.
Cheery as this beautiful bird of nature,Which can easily find its food.Cheerful as the bird of paradise,Which gives hope to the destitute.
Yes, I will certainly vote But I won’t vote for liars I will not vote for backstabbers
Autumn, the present season Changes of cadences and colors It's a very charming time
                                          Femme, tu étais si belle. Tu étais si jolie Tu étais si polie, si jeune et pleine de vie Tu étais si magnifique. Tu étais si gentille
Frau, du warst so schön. Du warst so hübsch Du warst so höflich, so jung und voller Leben Du warst so wunderschön. Du warst so nett Du warst so zärtlich und fern von den Raupen.
Ho ingoiato Il tuo giudizio Me ne sto andando La casa
Tragué Su decisión Me voy La casa Yo acepté
      Nous sommes au mois de Septembre L’été vient juste de perdre ses membres Sa chaleur, sa beauté et sa tendresse.  
We are in September Summer just lost her limbs Her warmth, her beauty and her tenderness.  
                                                              Il cielo azzuro non è il paradiso Non è affatto la stessa cosa Cari amici.  
                                                   The blue sky is not heaven It's not the same thing at all Dear friends.  
Yellow flower, grieving flower, pale flower,
We stumble, we fall and we get upWe don't beg, don't kneel and we stand upFailure will never be an optionLife is about struggling and taking actionWe are living in a world full of hypocrisy
We can never forget 9/11
                                                     C’est dans les forêts Où je trouve ma paix C’est à la campagne
There're days when the sun is upWhen the solar rays hit youYou feel been dropped from the topAnd you end up right on the screw.
I see Your beauty in your smile Your beauty in your eyes Your beauty in your cadence Your beauty in your fragrances.  
  Je vois Ta beauté dans ton sourire Ta beauté dans tes yeux
                                            If you were born in the month of August Be cool, be calm, be wise and be robust
Aimez, aimez maintenant Aujourd'hui, pas demain Oubliez le chagrin Arrêtez de demander comment Arrêtez de vous questionner
Love, love now Today, not tomorrow Forget about the sorrow Quit asking how
A real wife Is the other half The spouse Of the big or small house
Non sei nessuno Dato che non sono nessuno Sei qualcuno Come io sono qualcuno C'è una sola umanità
No eres nadie Como yo no soy nadie Eres alguien Como soy alguien Hay una humanidad
Roses, flowers and bouquets Love, Honor, Peace and Respect Verses, poems and literature
Les roses, les fleurs et les bouquets L’amour, l’honneur, le respect et la paix Les vers, les poèmes et la littérature
We occasionally fall in love with the right person With the perfect, the immaculate or the wrong one We’re naturally numb When we fall in love
El eterno silencio Es la muerte A menudo decimos bajo este cielo Donde los enemigos están en todas partes Incluso entre matones y tontos
L'eterno silenzio È la morte Diciamo spesso sotto questo cielo Dove i nemici sono ovunque Anche tra teppisti e sciocchi
Death is The eternal silence We often say under this sky Where the enemies are ubiquitous
Le silence éternel C’est la mort On dit souvent sous ce ciel
Girls must have the undeniable rights to speak,And the God-given rights to choose and pick.Girls must have the rights to be educated,To be respected and to be protected.Girls are human beings too;
They swore and they lied Women’s rights are tied To our weak democracy
                                Only God is Supreme Humans can never be supreme Don’t believe in Supreme Court
Tears over death Not because you’ve left Without saying goodbye Oh! I cannot tell a lie.
America is beautiful, great and wonderfulEadem opera, she is ugly, pitiful and dreadfulIn regards to the mistreatments of the Native AmericansThe African Americans and other minorities
                                                        Children already grown Kisses already forgotten Plants already flowered Flowers already burgeoned
Des enfants déjà grandis Des baisers déjà oubliés Des plantes déjà fleuries
Love is so crazy Why do people fall in it? Love is really crazy Why do people follow it? People will always be in pain
                                                         When in love, in deep love We know or at least are aware of Each other’s sunset and sunrise About the rain
Sometimes I don’t want to think I don’t want to blink I don’t want to imagine I don’t want to be seen
A kiss on the forehead Is a gesture of betrayal It's not a kiss of love Filled with joy and humor.  
Un baiser sur le front Est un geste de trahison Ce n’est pas un bisou d’amour Empourpré de joie et d’humour.  
The croaking toad The spitting toad Is ill Time and wind pass Like poor cowards.  
Le crapaud qui coasse Le crapaud qui crache Est malade Le temps et le vent passent Comme des pauvres lâches.  
             Où se trouvent ces crapauds Qui crachent sur notre tête ? Où sont-ils, ces sales bêtes
You're youngYou're strongTime will crumbleTime will humbleYou, You and you. You're beautifulYou're powerfulTime will fadeTime will get ridOf you and you.
Look deep in the mirrorDo you see color?What do you see?Can you see the sins of the humanity,And the hypocrisy creeping at the doorsteps?Blinded by the murky and muddyGlaucoma of jealousy,
  Still tears in our eyes for our Brave Haiti Still tears in our eyes for our incredible Country
Encore des larmes aux yeux pour notre brave Haïti Encore des larmes aux yeux pour notre incroyable Pays
Tu te couches Manouche Comme une mouche Sans prendre ta douche Très loin de moi Où tu ressembles à une croix
Be not afraidTo fight the right fightsThe hate, the hatredTo regain your rightsTo end bigotry, racismFascism and nepotism.
As a Chorus of Angels, May you rest in PeaceThe Almighty God will render you JusticeHe will welcome you all in His KingdomWhere there is more Liberty and Freedom.
Wir wissen nicht Wenn wir uns verabschieden Denn morgen Gehört nur Gott im Himmel Wir wissen nicht
Nou pa konnen Lè nou di orevwa Paske demen Se pou sèlman Bondye nan syèl la Nou pa konnen Si se pa yon dènye vizyon
Nous ne savons pas Quand nous disons adieu Parce que demain N'appartient qu'à Dieu Nous ne savons pas
Nós não sabemos Quando dizemos adeus Porque amanhã Só pertence a Deus no céu Nós não sabemos Sobre o último olhar
No sabemos Cuando nos despedimos Por que mañana Sólo pertenece a Dios en el cielo No sabemos Sobre la última mirada
We do not know When we say goodbye Because tomorrow Only belongs to God in the sky
North and South are fighting againWasting lives, money, future and funWar is hell; there, everybody is on the runNonsense is their common sin.
I am not going to wait for you to get illOr to die to send you bouquets of flowersRight now is the time to make you feelThat you're loved amid the rain showers.
It is Good Friday Remember, remember When, for Jesus, everything was nasty and sour
Love those who love you Appreciate those who appreciate you A dog never bites its owner
When a woman loves youYou can do nothing wrongYou can charm her with a songFrom you, she hardly needs a few. When a woman loves youThe world looks beautifulEverything is wonderfulWhen she adores you.
Democracy is about freedom of speechAnarchy is, without a doubt, the oppositeOf democracy, liberty and freedom to wishTo hope, to dream and to confront defeat.
L’amoureux brindezingue dit non avec la tète Le cerveau fort agité amèrement s’embête Pendant qu’il dit oui avec le cœur enflammé
Wir kommen Wir wandern Und wir gehen Das ist alles was wir wissen.   Wir kommen auf die Erde
Nou vini Nou flannen Epi nou pati Se tout sa nou konnen.   Sou latè nou vini
Nous venons Nous errons Et nous allons C'est tout ce que nous savons.   Nous venons sur terre
We come We roam And we go That’s all we know.   We come on earth We roam, we surf
No mustard bombs are droppedNo audible or silent shots are firedNo planes are necessarily blown or hiredNo flags are deliberately flown or flappedNo soldiers crossed the borders
We do not want only a piece We aspire and want Peace A mammoth piece of Freedom For the north, south, west and east
These are not events that took place very far in the past These are obviously ongoing racial gaffes and contrasts Where human beings are bombarded and mistreated
Tell me more about democracy   Nobody is a fool Tell me more about dichotomy Go ahead! I am cool
Darling, you love me And yet, I love you more My angel, you like me And, but I like you more.
Today is a new spring’s first day Today is the birth of a new season Today is another blessed birthday
Many politicians vociferously lie Many politicians either hide or omit the truth Many times, I sit down quietly in a booth
Instead of bombing, shelling and trashing our neighbors Let’s all do the highly popular fun ‘Jeru’ dance
Fanm, fanm, o fanm rapadou Boubout mwen, bèsom, kòmansmanm Nan kaye jounalye mwen chak jou Chak jou se pou ou, se jou pa ou
Mulher, mulher, oh doce mulher Meu amor, meu berço, meu começo No meu pequeno diário Todo dia é um dia feliz Você é minha alma, meu pilar
Femme, femme, ô gentille femme Mon amour, ma fleur, mon entame Dans mon calepin journalier
Liberty has been taken hostage, abducted in many parts Of the world Freedom is often smothered, suffocated in many hearts In this world
(Dedicated to you, my Brothers and Sisters)
If you plant the seeds of loveYou'll reap gorgeous flowers of loveIf you spray the seeds of hateMany plants and treesWill blossom flowers of hateAnd you won't like the fateNobody enjoys death and miseries
Es una otra primavera Es una nueva temporada Un otro día de lluvia ligera cayendo Un otro día medio soleado otra vez
Lethal Thermobaric Bombs Also known as vacuum bombs Sucking the oxygen out of the air For many miles. Nuclear and cluster bombs
It is another spring It is a brand new season Another day of light rain falling Another semi-sunny day again
Everyone agrees that war is cruel   Everyone agrees that war is suicidal Everyone agrees that war brings mortar, anger
                                           And after all, all these, my love I adore you and will always love you, my dove After so much hubbub and confusion
                                                              At my prime time I surely rhyme I write countless sonnets Like numerous poets
When you lose Remember There will be another blessed day There will be another play
If you're writing about girlsYou're talking about gorgeous pearlsHappy love is in the air. If you're dreaming being in heavenThis time of the year, you need no reasonTo yearn being in love. If you're hearing melodious musicYou must be feeling very
Love me now while I can love you in return Love me now when, at will I can turn on and off the lantern Love me now while, still
Yes, I am thinking about the human race Please note that race has ‘four letters’ And most four-letter words Can cause problems, ills, havocs and wars
  Violence against women is simply unholy and unacceptable.
We are going to dig to bury our dead: Mother, father, sisters and brothers, Uncles, aunts, friends and strangers.
Coffee Is black Why Do you like Drinking Coffee In the morning
The nonstop negative news or publicities on Haiti Hurt tremendously and disturbingly The relentless or constant bashings of all Haitians
Nobody wants to be blocked In front of the gate of Heaven Even the worst criminals, on the block For a pass, cringe, mourn and yearn.  
Somebody may have already uttered
El color es irrelevante A mí Es la belleza natural Que es absolutamente Deslumbrante e importante A mí
Fuoco d'amore che brucia e distrugge Fuoco, fuoco che fa soffrire Fuoco infernale che maledice Uccide e provoca la morte.  
Once, in the beginning, Mother Earth was vibrant, Her children newly born, mewling, clumsy things Soft pink hands scrubbing at bright, new eyes Stumbling through survival.
Was privileged to have a fortunate chattering communion with the chirping plover;
Slowly and slowly fly the mighty feathers: the uncanny wrath bearer, The poacher's prey, the bald bizzare stigmatic cryptic creature, The ecosystem's majestic role player!
Being a human being is to love everyone Don’t get confused about being a Christian Who is to be a Super Being, a great Human
You would have to see or witness this to believe it These horses were smarter than the border patrol agents Because the smart animals avoided charging these poor migrants
Nothing brings me greater joy Than to hold out my arms And hug the world Thanking the motherland for every trail Every bump, pebble, and stone in the road Leading to a worthy destination
I’ve got a big box of dark chocolates They are gooey and tasty and nice I take all that I want, which is greedy And I simply ignore the high price   I don’t pass the box to my children
It comes into your life- A fresh soul, Awaiting a home Waiting for tender loving and care You could offer them the world A field of friends, Connected by roots But when you start to neglect
I always said  I'd rather freeze than burn Because ice can melt But ashes remain
There's nothing good as merry as mellow meadows. An airfield of gentle buzzing breeze; mine shadows -- Doth smile and racing with my fingers; the grasses -- And theirs as if hands they reach on me, wanting me --
There once was a wise crow it said “I carry the world upon my head” though it’s fate was to end up dead, the world will bloom where it will tread.   
  Once I was beautiful, gleaming and bright My oceans glimmered in the broad daylight Trios of trees swayed happily in the breeze
Trees, thousands of years old Monoliths of perseverance and life Great behemoths standing tall Never giving in to all that assails them Nor overtaking all that surrounds them Me, only decades old
A tomb of opportunities spent -- Wretched anguish fills my soul   At the sight of that ominous, Gaping hole. Inside, with eyes   Attuned to darkness I  Behold plates, wasted; ketchup packets
In my dreams, I often visit Eden, wild, pristine unspoiled by man. Nature's palette blankets the earth and God's creatures roam free on the land. Of course, it's only a daydream. Man's greed is a cancer yet.
Glaciers are melting  Temperatures are rising Why aren’t people changing We still drive cars
I am.   I am made from molecules of gas that coalesced in space millennia ago. I am the caretaker to a global garden of life-- but 
A mother watches her childBlindLooking to his futureHer time is his, but not all of his time is hersWaiting
I want to capture certain vocabulary in the shape of you.    But those words should be free from humanities breath. Our scarring touch. 
Mother showed me her saphhire rings, seven she wore upon her hands.  I'd wear upon my hands her bands, in awe of their beauty and shine.  I rolled around grass and felt the moring dew,
Twinkle Twinkle Little star Aren’t you tired You never rest Your weary eyes must hurt   But do they hurt from
I thought you promised not to drown everyone again! Knee deep in glacier sweat.   I did. I won’t. Says She,
I love poetry for its blank spaces, for its constant wondering and the shape of the words on a page. For different reasons than why I love math.
I wake up in the shimmery light Of the early sun’s sigh. The rays pour in through the open blinds Tiny crystals dance and flutter to and fro Another morning in darling Arizona.
Anthropogenic activity: Wondering why the sky cries such torrential tears whirlpooled in sheets of ice and wind; waiting as it winds up our minds 
They Feed They Death   After Philip Levine’s “They Feed They Lion” Out of fast nation, out of fast mouth, fast food, Out of bearing arms, selling arms, and trading guns,
The smell of creosote reminds me of the place I live, but the salt air here reminds me of home. I see the way people change when they look. Really look.
Don't you know  We let you go So you could forever flow The eternity  It's killing me Too late to turn away No matter where we sway We come here, always Back to the tasteful music
There stands Jack Frost, As cool as ever.   Except he's not.   How can he stay cool, When everything is getting so uncomfortably warm?      
The Loch Ness monster of today Nessie is what she’s called She is very upset with us Disappointed in us all We trashed her Scottish lake Polluted the air, water, and trees
Mother Earth weeps  Not with sorrow, With rage.   Her rage is found in The fire that razed Paradise, The storm that destroyed San Juan, 
Me and the world are holding on to peace like it's 1969 but really though Like a nation at war we are tied What a conceptual terror that is Like a world at peace we are bound
It's funny how These days Kids jump into "I love You"s  Like they jump into cold, glistening pools during California Summers
Sitting atop ruins Covering the rotting past I have found my own hideaway: This Hundred Acre Wood. To call my own.   Yes, it is far
A golden beam of sunlight shines through scattered patches. Gold reflects on every surface. The trees illuminate in a sunny yellow, Signifying the timeless beauty that fall has bestowed.
When I realized our Mother is warming When I saw the polar bears on National Geographic dying When a man in glasses at the U.N. said time's running low
Wrap your roots around mine Be my unseen partner I am not ashamed to share life with you but I know you're shy Extract me Honey you bogle me   2,000 miles away yet
The children run and play in a dark world. The smoke infiltrates our lungs: fits of coughing interrupt their play. They play in a dead world, putting on a show for those half-alive.
I'll make a castle out of you, Walls of bones and love and laughter, And I'll live forever after, And you won't even know,   As they sink you in the pit, As your lungs dry and turn black,
I’ve been addicted to smoking, since before I was born The ecstasy of inhalation I can hardly catch my breath Call it the curse of the addicted Unable to stop no no matter how much I may want to  
She's been there longer than us She'll be here long after us She took us in And we hurt her   She gave us a place to live She gave us food to eat She gave us water to drink
Earth's ocean is dark So much of the black substance I am so angry
Hello, rainforest In wet season I write you While the clouds pour rain And by the terrain, I sit I am glad it's very warm
This year is a new approach  To end my part in suffering No animals will be poached  Passing on the commercial ravenous shopping blundering    The gifts this year will consist;
the mountains helped her breathe,  and become who she wanted to be.    they guided her on her way,  and watched over her night and day.    to her blooming heart,  the forest was a piece of art. 
beat beat beat maple branches touch my jumper sneak in to pair of cloth go straight to breasts leaves glitter dog stumbles woman overlooks ray spears her chest
50 lives from now the glaciers will melt the rate at which ice leaves the planet is caused by us. we did this. it was one thing to unknowingly bring such positive change to the world with our new gadgets and gear,
We are not from this world We are not in this world We are not on this world We are not of this world We are the world, The air in our lungs Is the air that circuits this planet
You stare at your wretched hands, Blaming yourself for all the waste you threw into the ocean, For all the animals you scared away, And for all the flowers you crushed.
The flowers in her hair were slowly dying. The sky grew too tired of crying. Sheets of white covered her eyes, as the world met its demise.  No one cared to tend the crops. Toxic waste of yesterday filled the air. No rainbow would ever shine there
Verse I: Tears are rolling down her face, I can’t even begin to contemplate. I sit in the center of a dark room, human actions left me here. In the distance I can hear her calling, tears still rushing down her face.
We admire the reckless beauty of the overgrown fields, overrun by explosions of sunshine-yellow blooms and tall grass, swaying in tune to the gentle wind,
We admire the reckless beauty of the overgrown fields, overrun by explosions of sunshine-yellow blooms and tall grass, swaying in tune to the gentle wind,
There's mystery in the depths of the sea. She is like a second home to me;  It's a place where I want to see miracles and breathe tranquility. She is the most beautiful of all existence.
We cling to you for shelter and like a greedy lover, we often ignore your needs, asking for more than we deserve   taking for granted the abundance of your beauty and love
With great vengeance and furious anger She will burn you. Drag us all through the dirt Until our gashes Are pustulated mounds
I see the world in its beautyOthers see me in fear   I see the world in its graceOthers see me and sneer   Something calls me outA shriek, a scream, a screech  
The sun scorches on the fine, coal-black sand Sitting there are many birds popping in orange, red, dark periwinkle, and green This is my cousin’s beautiful and tropical homeland
streaks of color a droplet / a prism bold, crazy, rainbow.   the scent the earth soaked in new sunshine fresh dew   music no human can replicate. the notes
Luscious light blue sea After the frantic ripping storm Emotions are freed  
In empty space, we’re forced to roam The vessel’s engine a high pitched shrill In search of that which resembles home   As complex as the human genome
I am bursting life pours forth from every crevice of my being. I want every sensation to touch my skin, my mouth, my heart and mind and soul;
The ground seems to break open To reveal a tower tall  I wonder what would happen If the tower were to fall   The tower seems quite planted To the earth on which it stands
Sometimes my brain kicks on overdrive Running in circles and swirls and lines Antsy with thoughts I can't place racing by I can only conclude that I won’t be fine.   One such day I took a walk
The sea salt water masks the scent of decay in this townDo you remember the old days?This decrepit land was once fresh like a newborn baby boy.It grew and grew 
A rush of wind Hair swaying in the Autumn skyEyes like sunsetsLook to beautiful scenes ahead
Planet Earth is so vast And overgeneralized Like an open world map In Skyrim Good thing we have a few terabytes sitting around
As I pass by the local airport, I Notice the hound lying on the side Of the street; his eyes are closed as he sleeps. Synthetic fumes enter into my nostrils, One being the fumes of the stained dentures,
I yank the cord and the growling begins A puff of smoke and the metal starts to spin The green soldiers start to charge it And are cut, chewed, and spit out of it
I yank the cord and the growling begins A puff of smoke and the metal starts to spin The green soldiers start to charge it And are cut, chewed, and spit out of it
Droplets rippled on the ground,People cowering in fear;There’s no trace of them around,Not during that time of year.  
a sky of blackbirds and blue jays  does never cross my mind   as much as deserts and cacti all be in short supply.   and though i of the sea proclaim the safety of my heart  
As I lie here all around me I see A whole world of creativity The Birds, oh how they sing With their little ones under their wing
My feet sink into nature's soft, luscious carpet. The blades tickle my toes playfully. I savor the fresh, sweet smell And I admire the color, a deep green, like an emerald.  
Run forward While the wind pushes you back. Raise your hands toward the sky, Soon you’ll see the stars That shyly hide behind the clouds.
We live here in the earth, deep in soil, blood red in clay and skin cresting the sky, we inhale. We are young; Face coated in oil and litter, fumes halo our head
I.   Dear Tesfaye, I wish you didn’t have to grow up like this. I wish there was more I could do to help. You are only four, still too young to fully understand. Poverty
Dear human population of planet Earth,   A single raindrop slips from the clouds plummets through the air and lands on the windshield
Dear Mother, You choke on the hot breath of our gas guzzling, air snuffling, motorized genius Products designed for our own convenience Greasy, grimy, slippery oil Seeping into your velvety soil
battered, worn and grayed you are from caring regularly. you never complain or cry and simply present your calmest sea.  i want to thank you for the home given without a fee.
Do we hold our world in the palm of our hand? We pretend we are in control, But all human actions must end.   Water. Air. Wind, Earth, and Fire.
Dear Vegetarians, I am one of you. A word that defines 4% of our youth And only 3% of adults. A definition that encompasses so much more
A bundle of pieces; gears take over your heart. No flesh, no bones, just a pile of useless parts. Every morning, first thing, don't forget to press start. Otherwise, you are isolated- God forbid you're set apart.  
Dear Environment, You give yourself up to any who wish to occupy Those who swim, walk, or even fly Yet my species has taken advantage of your generosity,  By returning it with atrocity
There is a forest A dim forest full of dusky trees and damp moss Tiny critters that scuttle about Weaving in between the roots of dying oaks and already dead birches
White sheets lay an adventure through my brainCross minded, open sighted lines puncturing while my existence is indicatedWe are the center of our own worldown universeown fight.
Cycle! Recycle, man! Do not throw away stuff. Used items can become new ones. Cycle!
Reuse! Reuse makes sense. It repurposes waste, Which includes both plastic and ink. Reuse!
Reduce! Reduce garbage. Less waste is lucrative. It lowers disposal spending. Reduce!
There is an abnormal businessman Who is a corporate partisan. He taints all oceans with oil, Which contaminates the soil. Afterwards, he is a garbageman.
One of the most Significant instances of misogyny Within our time Is the disembowelment of the earth. You would think, That with our empathic nature We would be too hesitant
Rain is powerful And beautiful That too It drips down my window, Dribbling, Trickling, Sometimes Cascading,
“I am dying”, the Earth whispers to me. Grass is mistreated and flowers defeated. Birds never tweeted yet humans competed. We were all becoming concreted.   Green, dewy sprinkles.
The fracture of the cliffside observes, notices the wind hunting for the stray seeds of cotton safely lodged and wedged in its crevices Soft and gentle, forgotten offspring Sunbreaks warm stone’s ancient skin
What's out there in the world?  Nature.  There's so much beauty to be discovered,  to be preserved.  It must be kept alive. To save the world, to save us-one by one.   
Inside summer's chrysallis, water burned.   A pulsating haze scorched the fledgling cornstalks and slammed into the thick silver mist stemming from the nearby stream. It called to mind the distant dread of winter,
Summer comes as sweet as the strawberries in the front yard  do, In the full swing of June swelling with intangible flavor. The plant starts bitter in late April when it is tucked into the soft earth.
There under the sea A mermaid longed for the land But it was no more
We find it lying on the beach: A lump of scales and fingernails,  An inky trail up from the water Slithering through the sand   Its eyes open and filmy As if surprised by the sudden darkness,
This war we're fighting is more important than we know, It more than simply being 'rebels' or 'feeling the flow' It's about making a world filled with hope. It's more than words on page, Than going through a phase,
My dear old home, how we have wronged you. So Blinded by green greed, while your green turned grey. “Their safety is sound” we spoke without woe,
Looking at our world Growing trash and killing dreams Will it ever stop?
I hope you are okay after  we poured bleach down your throat and gave the last few sips to the Great Barrier Reefs   I hope a mother’s love  can withstand the pain 
Another gust of wind arises, awakening the silent world.   The trees talk with their rustling ferns communicating with an unknown code.   They speak of fear and plead and pray.  
They say this is the land of the free, but how can that be when the police are shooting black people like me.
Make America Great Again, America was Great.   America was Great, January, The third friday, The 20th,
America the Great, or so she used to be... We the people traded in our life and liberty. We're slaves to media now  surrounded by what other people think, struggling for independence like a spider in a sink.
  Organized Ramblings   A collection of various poems by Kate Emrich April 29, 2017    
Landfills are full And animal farms are cruel Oh, what happened to the country I know and love We are creating a disaster for our children to be a part of We must stop the factories and start the plantation
America the great, Have you ever been? Perhaps one day, but not now. What are we great in?   We shuffle too large Behind over-packed bars. We cannot afford to live
My thoughts are too loud to not let out, But I don't know what to write about, the rhymes spout but they all sound the same, they fall from the clouds where my soul hides,
Mother She protects houses nourishes All forms of life Yet we do not do the same We kill We torture We laugh at others pain
Imagine free-falling from the mountainside to the earth. Watch the trees die and woods stand still in mourning. Can you feel that, the tell-tale heart pitter-pattering with adrenaline? Or is it nerves,
a small whale swims across the sea to my heart splashing through my dreams
The trash, I see, like sand on your green grasses Littered so far, so wide, it’s like the stars in the sky Do they not see your beauty? Do they not see their cruelty?
I once felt the grass under my feet. I could feel the vibrancy radiate through me higher than the skyscrapers covering today’s skies.
America the "land of the free" so they say- but how is this true to everyone but you if we restrict those  who enter the red, white, and blue.   The earth is fragile
america the great, oh powerful is thee you strip the land of Habitats, and chop down all the Trees   your pride is evident everyone can see you put your nation’s treasured Bird
She has curves that will take your breath away. She has peaks that will give you vision. Time does not exist, when you feel something like this. She has given me strength to move forward.
Look around, what a beautiful place. A beautiful place ruined by human trace. Gone are the dancers who dance with sway and grace. But now seeing it destroyed is a commonplace.  
Seasons   Spring Sun shining through my window Green fields of grass like a blanket Purple flower lost inside of a rainbow
We are all renters here Living in borrowed space Here and there, far and near For the entire human race
There are green trees but buildings right beside them  There is wind but buildings blocking it  There are birds but buildings taking away their homes  Without the buildings there would be  A forest 
I am cold. Freezing even. Sitting in a cramped desk wishing I were not at school. My stomach stuffed with noodles
"Wake Up Neo. "The Matrix has you."   Digital Mind Control. Green codes align with the receptors of our brain.
There was a wood by my house you and I used to meet at. We would wait until the warmth of the glowing sun had gone So that you, my first love, Could wrap your strong, loving, embracing arms around my delicate, tiny body
A person wears a mask as a diguise to entertain or terrify, but that is not always the case. My mask is used to hide from the world. Used to hide the my worries and fears.
It’s cold this time of year Bitter fights White frosted hands and words School is tiring Dull and monotonous It is warm though
You look at me as if I am inhumane You ponder your thoughts on why I am of use to you You see me dead in the eye and cut me open I cannot breathe I cannot speak  I have no voice I am not heard.
A year ago, you didn’t realize activism was in your near-future. Now, more than one hundred lives,thousands of gallons of water,and many other natural resourcesare saved each year becauseYou choose not to put animal bodies or their by-products on
Up on the hill in Deer Island Park, a sicamore is felled.    no one attends it's funeral, or wears a black veil in it's honour.  a man used to sleep under that tree, a woman took her children there for picnics. 
The silence surrounds, Tick tock, Tick tock, I hear the delicate hands move, Much like my own, They drift in movement, My breathing grows light, I listen for silence, A floorboard creaks,
Flashing lights and buzzing sounds Crowds of people all around Walking fast with noisy feet They make an effort to cross the street Smoke billows up from automobiles It fills my lungs with ghastly feels
Please don’t make fun of me When I say I’m a vegan Because you say you love Fluffy
I am from the neatness    Of clothes tucked away       In folded squares          In chests of drawers             In the cream white room                Where the television
Last year I was lost No new bridges of opppurtunity being crossed My life frozen, covered in frost Then I was enlightened to my true goal After years I finally uncovered my role
Today is my day. Though things may not go my way, From my path of success I will never stray.   I am powerful, fearless, strong. Each morning that is my chorus, verse, my song.
Walk with me to find a clover, It times of sun and rain, Share with me your laughter, Which echoes down the lane, Walk with me to find a flower.
The earth, so cold, the people upon it made her that way.She gives and gives and all we do is take.
Plants inhale my exhales. I inhale their exhales. The bond between mother nature and man allows for a breath of fresh air. 
The Land of Trees A Place that's quite green. Filled with lush and so many hearts. The beauty it offers is a luxury. Nature is so vast... there is so much we can do. But I warn you...
Red, the raven flies in the northern skies. Black clouds growl on the horizon, while the faded orange sun rises in the east, the shimmering sea is but a sodden patch.  
We the (conniving & coy) We the (sullen & somber) We the heartaches the heartbreaks. Quell the earths quakes with equivalent exchange of natural disasters-
When I was in the third grade my teacher asked our class to write down one thing we would want to tell the humans of the future.  
Humans are Ignorant; Illiterate and Inexperienced. We live in a world Poisoned by Greed.
Read between the lines they said Sit next to her when she’s lonely they said Split the cash But make sure she gets none they said  
See through the eyes What falls in-between Touch with the tips And feel the breeze Taste with the lips And smell through the pits The tears I bleed And what nature relieves  
  Forest in the hills,stars in the sky, deer in the meadow, birds learn to fly.   Animals roam freely, coyotes in the night,
I am here. You are here. We are here. And here is all we have.   They are here. They can’t leave. They have no choice. And here is all they have.  
Christina Rossetti said it best when She said, “There is no friend like a sister In calm or stormy weather;” it’s true, I Think, so sit down and relax, dear list’ner, As I describe my kind and brave sister.  
Live life without hindrance, please sir It is something taken for granted, all should have None of us truly do… not even you, do you defer? Might as well do it now, it is only gonna get worse  
Tall oaks rise out of the soil. Abundant in the golden fall, they oversee the many all.   They creak and sway yet never turn away from another being.   Humbly they stand
Prancing around Lillies marked the destination of a new place. Inside of a cave I dropped my bag on concrete steps and sat ontop of a hill from the wooden old house. Washed away by the wind were roses, sunflowers, and rabbits.
All the lights we can not see, All the music we can not hear, All the memories we can not remember Are the shadows of a life unpursued. Are ripples in a pond with no reflection.  
(If I were stranded on a deserted island I would bring my love and respect for nature with me). I sat up on the hill, My gaze caught the shore, forest, and stream, Oh, what a thrill! T’was the most glorious dream,
Snow covers a landscape all too familiar. Winter’s clutch on suburban Maryland is slowly tightening. I listen close for just one sound of life, But nothing can be heard during this lifeless time.  
I am the tongue of the flame I lick and spit fire embers that ignite the maim I am the spark that starts the twister in the dark I am the change that you've been
Notes from plants- it’s clear now. Soon, few will know of the Earth as it once was- bewitching.  
I'll fly away again High in the sky toward migration. As civilizations increase Our species continues to weep. The more land you conquer Forces more stress And Less flowers.
We need change! It's possible and within our range! Mustering up all hope,
I don’t have the street smarts
He thought the sky was falling, And i felt it shatter ever day as the sun was setting, She landed on my eyes, we always fall together She blushes as the sun is put to rest,
I sat amongst the weeds and felt their stalks twist against the wind into my torso and catch on the invisible hairs of my arms, a push and pull in time with the rhythm of the blanket beating
Fighting hurt slavery child labor child wars
The trees are Spartan spears, Authority and valor pierce the Horizon— They stand dense and hold light and Fog. They do not bend for you and me, they never have. They do not bestow Grace or Mercy
  Ta  ll
How are you?
Deep in a forest Where the wind blows Lives the grass, the trees and grow. They strive off of life And they know what is right Here is where the wind blows And the trees and grass grow.
A critique of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper's environmental policies.
Red and Blue holding hands, locked together in nature's bands. A girl’s color, some say, boys should not have a purple bedroom where to play,  like a 60's kid, hair billowing and leather vests with fringe,
A world so empty A tree all alone grown by a young boy. Who planted it
Whirl your pointed pines 
A makeshift effort is put into careless hands, And toxic vapors fumigate the air into poison, Secretes the venom gently above the earth,
                                                        Without these filters I Am Human. The pain that I feel Emotional or physical Is real The laughter I have
I wish you could see                         What I see Everything is where                         It’s supposed to be We are creatures of habit                         Of vanity and destruction
  Shades of black collide above, jostling each other Lines of stars bright and white, so vividly wild. Wind sheathing our bodies with every gust, Black leaves cascading downward into a dark swirl.  
As the government cleans itself, it sees what is outside itself as more dirty.
Oh how rarely Do we breathe so very deeply That the depths of our souls Are revitalized.
The leaves slowling falling down So many leaves on the ground Branches swaying back and fourth The wind moves them and makes them free The trees look so alive They move and they breathe
Thoughts unhinderedTravel spry, in the form of prose,Observation won't ceasewhen the world slows.
Where the air flows fresh and crisp And life radiates shades of green And orange and red and colors That run deeper than the scars Of the Earth; Where the grasp of man halts, Giving way to nature,
Ah, behold the beauty of the world... The great protectors of the forest... Fall! by the hand of man The great oceans of the world... Poisoned! by the hand of man
Green sap oozing from great gashes  in trees into paper, furniture, and houses all for human needs like the great stashes of black oil oozing.... into lakes, rivers, and streams
I grew up in a world, el mundo, le monde, of seven billion people.  Everyday this number grows and grows and trust me it shows and shows.  From the depleted renewable resources,
Beautiful is the Earth! Though not all things are mirth, Every small thing has worth.   A yellow star presides; A white moon touches tides; A twinkling star abides.  
A man may have a solid build. Perhaps his hair’s softer than fleece. Thick arms might lift a girl with ease. Maybe his eyes with warmth are filled. Some men stand with a solid stance.
Your beauty surpasses that of women, Though poets compare their features to you. Soft hill’s curves are better to examine, Long hairs are pretty but long streams are true,
A flower now blooms, The soft green grass waxes tall, A tree gains a ring.   The clouds become sparse. So, too, is water now scarce, And plants droop slowly.   Fool: careless human
Listen! I am between the sidewalk cracks Listen! Here under asphalt bought with tax Listen! To city trees with smog their ax   Hear my healing voice and have hope again
Red plastic cups are every party’s necessity Without them it would just be a gathering The products in mass for a fraternity raid But do you even know how they degrade?   Plates made of Styrofoam
Let your fingers explore the wonderful crevices of the globe, sitting aside pen holders, paper cups, things made of the earth. Your fingertips smile at the notion that they can “see”  
I am an open space Vast, Lush, Deep, Dark, or Green A million words can describe my being Though the only true one is "Dead"   No walls may confine me I am viturally free
The wonderful trees And the beautiful bees Are part of our Exciting Earth.  
How is the divine so wretched? Broken people fill the streets with agony and anguish Treading through the streets as just a method to only exist However, how can I exist without you?
To me, they were all sea-glass and Midsummer morning Seraphic choir song that would whisper words of sweet serenity
                           Make the trees sway
The environment is fragile, And we're on the gradual decline and in the stare of mind were losing the battle we are going down instead of up, so how are we going to shape up?
I took a walk into the trees, Alone and without fear. The wind whistled through leaves, A song that was just for me.
The tree laughs Children play below On a hot summer day so slow The tree is shade And the tree likes offering aid The tree smiles A couple look deeply into each other's souls
It’s tempting, to gaze upon the night sky                                       and see only crisp starlight, juxtaposed with a firm sheet of outer space. But most would know that soon,
The candle flame burns too hot. The flickering of its wic dances in the over heated breeze. This breeze offers no respite from the smoldering need.
I prize my gift from the sun, the smooth ebony blanket that trails in my path. It bears the token of my progress, like a toll booth of past endowments, always full of unanswered prayer.  
(Twist and shout scholarship slam)
no soul in east williamsburg thinking about something other than walk my baby to school today, pour me a cup of iced coffee and put the lid on, someone spare me some change for a metrocard,
The sun wakes the neighborhood, bouncing off the black shingled rooftops. I close my eyes. Inhale.  And start my descent down the paved hill from my doorway.
Humans are playing again They claim to do work Yet they kill her Protest have been made  Yet she is ignored  Her fragile state  Is announced world wide
I just want to help everybody Save the world But at times it gets overwhelming;
Frost thinks the world will end with ice,Or maybe heat and flames.I think the world will end with us,Mother Gaia would be ashamed.
You took my home My trees My life You rolled in with those big machines All loud and bright I am small I instantly fill with fright at the sight before me
Conservationist. Tree Hugger. Environmentalist Labels given to those who care Who see how people are not the only ones alive on this planet and know that this planet will only stay alive if people change
Sunny   Happy smile   Always love my masters   Just waiting a hug   Suddenly a big stick coming through  
  Lend an ear and lend a hand The frogs are all in such demand! They clean our water and eat bad bugs And give us clues for medical drugs. Their state of health can tell us a lot
The pitfalls of man, though shallow, stay d
Heavy sunshine sets the leaves aflame Until, by and by, it doth remain. But then it cools and remains no more
Trees, A thousand years old, Touched by a thousand hands, Fingers trailing softly over rough bark. Trees, A thousand feet high, Home to a thousand birds,
I got a brand ne
The hangdog drops, they plunge in pure For fifty feet or so at least, And plummet to their deaths insured As they themselves become decreased, Destruction thus secured.  
About the Poem : Environmental Degradation makes me upset.  
In the rainforest it’s loud; everything makes a sound Every drip and drop is heard, as the rain drops plop on emerald leaves. The beatles weave, while the monkeys leap.
Sakura, sakura,  Dancing in the wind,  Decorating the streets.  Lovely petals and old history,  Stay here forever,  Coloring the country. 
Soft snow,  Falling innocently.  Whitness, quietness. Without a care,  Fall wherever you like.   
Sand spread everywhere  Gracious mountains here and there  Come cool off with me
The woods were encumbering in the sunrise. My gut wrenched with uncertainty of the buzzing feeling atop my forehead. A little green creature rested in the nests of my tousled hair,
Many noises. Many distractions. So I keep flowing on. The land is beautiful. I am calm here with the soft whisper of silence singing strong. I try to hold on. But the noise and the screams, they flourish along.
Exploded from nothing, just children of the stars All of a sudden, these little starts started to bloom. Little did we know, that we were our own doom.  
   We are all taught to believe our choices are our own,
  Can you feel it? The mist in the air And the rain in your hair As concepts become a blur And deception is more. While humming birds destroy
The wind whips me, yet I don't fall.The rain rolls down my back.Thousands of my twins stand tall.Together we stand and will not crack.
We are mysterious creatures,
What are we? what are we but a mere two specks on a world of seven billion? what is our world but an average-sized sphere amongst a limit of spheres to which we know no bound?
If a child throws a fit in the store,  If a man drinks, drives, and wrecks,  If the rainforests are being depleted, 
You belong in a home with locks on all the windows attached to a chair being spoon fed with therapy and pills that hold your sanity.You know all to well that your head is more of a prison than this cell.
Came unto us was a machine A device An aid The people say  
Initially I was a Marketing
Initially I was a Marketing Major Set up to learn in the prestigious Isenberg School of Management Where I would become an aspiring businesswoman Where I would first change physically
My mothers, my maidens, my crones, 
I love beautiful Blue Birds Beautiful birds   Beautiful peddles   Different flowers every where Roses are Beautiful   Wind is sometimes calm The wind is sometimes very cold
A dying tree makes me weep.How beautiful it once was,how it will never be again.It’s branches no longer bend.It longs for sleepas Spring brings ever-closerits impending end.
I wash the dishes with phosphates And they go outside, down the drain. They land in rivers with that now have chemicals in their gills.   I water the flowers with oil that leaks from my car.
Leaves fall from a Tree, Landing on the lifeless Earth, Life leaves its Branches.
memories handsome street
Life once created a soul with mighty dreams and hopes Yet it only took a man to destroy it
Poison drips from my lips, I slowly drip my head back as I drink. Slowly I wait.   Shouldn’t it have worked by now? The way I see it Everything kills. Everyone dies for one reason or another.
Destruction, Construction, Obstruction, Trail down the roofs And back to the Earth. Empathy fills the darkness, Flooding the evening in tears As troubled thoughts linger
When will the people see?
The road almost meets the skyas I drive my tiny green caracross the bridge. Its like I can imagine my car fallingoff into the oblivion belowthe bridge, at least from thesight I see.
Inertia is a lie   Somewhere along the way our feet lost touch with the bare earth and now our roots have shriveled up and now our roots are homeless  
If rebirth was an option, or reincarnation a possibility... I would be scared to be a human again.
There is a war waging on this world. It is waged by every country, every boy and girl. Every stream, every ocean feels the war’s pain. And water fights back with acid rain.  
A path appears before you
The world has turned its face from the Sun, And I don't know if it will turn again. In the dark black I stumbled over the Earth crying-confused Roadburn on my knees, gravel imprints in my gray-pink palms  
I breathe the shade beneath your morelsBathe in the pockets of your capFilled with the glistening dew that stems from the canopy above usI reach through the soilGrasp tight to the feldspar within the crust
Who shall fly towards the mineral soil? Who ought to fade when the flakes lighten the grass? Who must revisit the ocean sky to accompany the blossoms?
I would comb the beaches of garbage--sca-tter--ed trash, collect the refuse like we once collected seashells as the waves crash.   And scrub off the chemicals
If I could change the world I'd change the way we live today Change the way we think  And change the way we perceive   If I could change the world  I'd fly around a mountain high
Earth is such a wonderful place to live, It is such a shame humanity takes yet fails to give. The consistency of life continues to unfurl, The ignorance of mankind will end the world.  
The Earth is like a caterpillar, unchanged but ready to grow. Earth's history is quite the filler,
I close my eyes.   I want to see The canopy of oaks Dancing together        Swaying Their mossy branches Back and forth To their natural rhythm   I want to smell
We aren't trying Why aren't we TRYING We have put a man on the moon (more than one) We have invented a tiny device that is a camera  a phone a music player and so much more
The ocean sprays my face; it enchants me. A sea of icy blue, it haunts my mind. It is the giver of life. It will be, what it will be. What a treasure to find.   The forest is mighty with branches strong,
I dream in Green I dream in shades of emerald and jade I dream in trees In plants, in mountains And sea
What do you want to be when you grow up? When we are young We don’t think much of the answer It is too far away-
I stretch my span of wing, in the air once again My senses are heightened, carefully I listen; Silence. I fly over forest, why is the green so thin?
Some say she was born millions ago, Others say hundreds. She's here now. We treat her like we're teens, We don't clean our room. We kill her children, Lo matamos cuando quiere cariño.
Why change the Outer You can improve your Inner Find Beauty in Everything   Sharp eyes and Wet nose Animals-Innocence They, the Ideal Beauty   Beauty is Within
We survive in a world of consumption No compassion for the surrounding How can we agree that we even live
Drought but still drowning Forest fires and broken levees Must be summertime
A child of the spring, just like me, we grew together. With each passing year, 1, 2, 3, I came to know you. On every birthday I could see how we had changed, and I loved how
Never again will we see another day, Since we all have to play the game, To near waters filled with oil, What has become of us when we all dry and boil?   Never again will we live to breathe,
So I live in beautiful, sunny Honolulu, Hawaii Pristine beaches and year-round summer weather Right? True For the most part. I walk to school every morning, 10 AM
I dream of a world where children grow Where parents teach, where parents know Where the earth doesn't hang on by a thread Where I don't have to sit and shake my head If you would only listen to their pleads
My escape, my comfort, the beautiful blue sea.   When I was young, I came to you constantly. We were the best of friends when the sun shined brighter. You kept me cool from all the extreme heat.  
So much beauty everywhere It is winter melting into spring The cars, bikes, and trains Make music outside my city window It is gray now Fluctuating between waves of warmth And bitter, biting cold
If trees could speak, they’d scream. Their brethren die for the business man And with them, everything. The world is slowly turning From green to gray -- From leaves to metal,
clickclickclickclick goes the key board as i sip my morning tea. Spiling, gushing ,spewng my deepest trauma and heatache. My therapy, your guilty pleasure. The best job, if you ask me, is that of a writer.
o1. bandaids for the earth where she’s splitting at the seam and soft butterfly kisses   o2. flower crowns for every head turned down, make lonely corners
If I were Almighty, A Universal Clockmaker, A Divine Puppet Master, Pulling the stings of the world behind the scenes,
Through the trees I see the world changing, the slash-and-burn rhythm of the falling grass and the burning weeds.   Through the window I see the world changing,
Today and Tomorrow Not the same now Its like two sides of a coin Heaven and Hell i supposeToday's ride homeTomorrow's pollution stormYet no one seems to botherunless its the order
We waste time We taste smoke outside We don’t care We don’t share We are so focused on our miniscule lives That we don’t stop to admire the scene around us There are miracles in this world
there were pretty daises but the lights are all gone the sun’s on vacation the stars have seen a galaxy far more beautiful than ours they’ve gone on a journey   the light bulbs have burst
Plastic waste collects Landfill, a deluge of trash Air thick with our faults It is quite simple Recycle to fix our mess Give the Earth a hug.
I once was A girl caged in lonliness; living nightmare The devil on my back Crawled in my head
Living things, All around, In the beginning, There were many that basked underneath a clear sky, But the present holds something different, The sky isn't as blue as it was once before.  
I've gotten so used to the rain that I hardly feel it anymore  It's liek a friend giving sweet, sweet caresses  Letting me know everything is all right  The cobble stone sidewalks that trip me on my walk remind me 
Wrapped in a blanket I still shiver, And my hands freeze as I type in the snowy bright light, My head against the window pane.   I wonder what it feels like to feel anything But paralyzing frustration.
People dedicating themselves wholly to an ideal Accepting a way of life that is almost surreal Submitting their transient needs for something greater Solving problems on coffee, feeling like a martyr
Where is the love in this world so cold? Has compassion died off with those who are old? Has the ghost of the heart flown away?
  There is a noble King who walks these grounds; he brings peace and serenity.
Softly, the leaves whisper, As they move aside to let the wind pass. Obligingly the water parts, To allow a magnificent swan to dive into the deep.   Meanwhile, a tiny frog hops across the leaves.
Bridges tumble before our eyesOur foundation giving wayAnd all that we cherishedIt’s been falling apart for a while 
Bridges tumble before our eyesOur foundation giving wayAnd all that we cherishedIt’s been falling apart for a while 
The fabric, so obviously visible. We, oblivious to its vital importance, to sustain civilization, are ignoring the fabric of information. The institutions gather us, learning to weave, stitch, and sow:
My forest, my home, Where the dead leaves fall.
I wan't to subside in a place where there is an abundance of beauteous wildlife.
The sweet sound of birds singing through the leaves the wind innocently plays tag around the trees.  The soothing sound as water travels downstream, or silently rests clear and serene.
We preach peace, yet declare war. We want to end world hunger, yet we toss food on the daily. We want to attain the best education, yet we are charged more than we can afford. 
Hugged fingers for safety protect me
  Oh beautiful Mother, with limbs branched outward, rustling the voice of your brother the wind.  
I feel the sun's warm rays kissing my skinThe soft breeze caressing meColors swirl and dance aboutSoft yellows blend with deep greensOcean blue becomes soft jasmine
Have you e
Education is the way to go They say the more we learn the more we earn Go to school get good grades and one day it will pay. Read them books and write them essays Answer the questions and pass the exams.
I find myself sitting on the steep dirt bank of Deer Creek in Maryland.  I am located within the Susquehanna State Park. This creek empties into the Chesapeake Bay.  This is where I grew up.
Weary Earth, how you suffer:
I'm crying in my crib and I reach to feel your warmth that radiates the most when I need it. Mom Come pick me up.
Reduce; Because, let's face it, we've gotten all too big. The Earth is huge  but we make a difference, we're making her sick.  Reuse; Because sometimes our trash isn't trash,
Fluorescence Censorship vacation from conscience Forgettable destruction we live infinitely No essence 
on an island of plastic Living through dead matter searching for enchantment Love is fleeting, we buy more
Infantry of a corner clique's imagery Imitates actual industry. Instead it’s often in-the-street, Marketing products with a PRE- Caution, 'cause cops will cripple thee Business. They call it criminally
The pain begins to kick in. The never ending pounding,  The drums beat inside my head.  Trembling, the room spins, Sipping the vodka in my glass, I'm drowning. My liver screams
They say global warming is a hoaxI say... "thats insanely wack"I am sitting here, trying to convince you allTrying to get you join my one man wolfpack
The aquatic garden, when seen from space, is vast, mystical, and blue It has many unique, sea creatures living in it too Some burrow, some float, some dart from side to side
I hate the crowd, the wrong crowd That keeps me in, I'm drowning now.  And there's no hope No lovely hope To keep me safe, to keep me sound. I fall too easy, and I can't swim
Dont be mad when winters are warmer Remember that bottle you tossed out the window Dont be mad when Florida's no longer there Remember the gas you burned going last year Dont be mad when its always flooding 
Don't you realize what you're doing? This pot of disaster you're brewing? We make scientific advances with new toxins and decided to proceed commercial use without caution.
  The trees see it all. They live life long. And the leaves fall.   A little boy will crawl.
Cans in plastic bags Bags in scrapheap This planet sags Sags from weeping   We made the earth a garbage can Don't let it become a wasteland 
Look outside. Do you see it? The Crumbling World. The air turning wiked, scheming to suffocate our lungs. Bodies of water regurgitating our filth. The Crumbling World.
The wildlife is gone, there is no sound/ The Planet is dying, polution in the ground/ No one seems to care/ What will they think, when there is no air/ No oxygen to breath/ Garbage contaminating the sea/
I am confronted by all their faces. The faces that say please love me In place of my owner who is an absentee. So, here I am, giving out warm embraces. I wish my work was enough,
I'd like to take a second, Only a second out of your day. Please, listen. What do you say? Rushing, running, racing. Always in a hurry, almost like a chase. Not caring about others, or taking in the Earthly surroundings in your face.
I divide from my roots with the pierce of a razor. Cleaving a meat fringe, wings endless, pine needles rolling off bark skin, detaches my figure from nature.
The lion runs over the sun-bathed plains, Into the mountains where it rains. No longer a lion, but a goat, It treks up high, and then shakes its coat. Fur turns into feathers; it is now an eagle in the sky.
Birds harmonize in nearby trees; A helicopter flies overhead, beating the air with its wings; A motor works to keep the humans inside cool, While humans driving cars burn deadly fuel;
Can one change the 6,999,999,999?No. But they can change a few.And  those few can change multitudes.Through those multitudes the world can hear.They can hear the simple dream of a small voice.The simple dream filled with strong passions. They can
someone punctured the atmosphere’s lung   you know what came out?   the stench of scorched hot dogs
In a place for me to call my own A stationary mass moves through. Quickly rotating without knowledge; I stay still.  
Fairy World By Emma Doyon   A fairy, Caught in between our world,  and hers   She dance’s between  life and death Surrendering herself  to all possibilities 
    Born in her nurturing arms Cradle to death and back again, She held out her helping hands As a sanctuary for all her children,
A butterfly Drifting and floating. Knowing, it only lives for a month. It drifts flower to flower, landing on every one. Soaking them in. Spreading their genetics, so they make more flowers.
I walk into the class, Room nine and all I see are boys behinds I wish they would take school more serious cause what they're doing is delerious
"I Sting as hard as a Bumblebee" "But i'm gracefull as a Dove" "You can not defeat me!" "No sir-we I might be just a cub" "With all my might i put up such a fight!" "You can't defeat me"
You live, you die, you laugh, you cry That is how life goes, but i wonder why Some say it is like a roller coaster It takes you to your highs and lows Others say it is like a journey
Soft, fluffy, white. / I cannot reach. / One day I might. / Anything, everything, all. / They're what you wish. / They let you fall into the soft blankets of peace. / Breathe, smile, let go. / Dare to imagine. / They'll put on a show.
Golden air of mountain,The Trees glow with the sunset light,They sing their own goodnights. Though not a last goodbye,From stream to mountain they sign on high,In air, their children fly. And the moon’s sweet whiteness,Will struggle with the sunse
Water you are life. You flow through Earth's veins, Transport us to the vast unknown, Whiten the cold, frozen ground and Darken the sky and let out a cry.   Earth, prisoner on watery shores.
Concrete wasn’t always made so harsh and solid In fact it was mostly straw When I walk without my shoes on It rubs my poor feet raw
Us humans; our mind: so strong, so alive, Usurper of Nature, the law, to survive. A hundred more years or a hundred more lives, But what does it matter if humans still thrive?  
Fault of Destiny As a female it is destine to endure the pain of feminism. The curiosity of Eve will forever haunt the innocent. A normal female
the Girl with the Red Hair, the scowled lips the Pretentious curl,The sun's grace, but as fierce as snake venom.Tongue made of butterfly wings and unspoken dreams. I watch from afar,
What is that tiny speck of dirtIn the distance?That tiny, microscopic,Beautiful speck of dirt
I watch the world with saddened eyesWhat mother nature must think of usThis once beautiful blue planetNow covered in trash and dust
To clutch at her fingers, would do little to hold A heart irreparably scorned, a bitter black cold A deaf ear, a blind eye, she turns to screaming faces Facing what they have done, Mother screams a bloody ode oh
I know how much she holds In the palm of her green hand Why they seem to spite her She will never understand Her tired eyes watch as they scratch at her knees More is what they want
The wind in the willow the will o' the wisp   A treehouse down where I used to live Up in the willow the willow that weeps Outside the orchard my maple held me
    Waiting outside, day in day out, from the morning's beginning, till past the ninth inning. Crowded before work, people listen, read, write and wait... Persistent patience while the rain's delaying.
Listen to this story Of a land forward in time, Where a polar bear lives The last of his kind. He would wonder To and fro, And think what if Humans didn’t let global warming grow?
Up on the polar ice, A family looms. Their beautiful snowy coats Glistening In the small sunlight left. Soon the icy winter Will pull through.   The cubs snuggle
How should one describe the world? Is it a dandy place with clouds and swirls? Perhaps that's what children would say. But adults know there's bills to pay.   We all say we should go green.
The power of nature arose, spreading through the earth, Surrounded closely by blades of grass. The mammals froze ready to protect. Flowing to the brick hard road. Bearing moss green,
  I can’t figure this out. Do we change throughout life? Or one person the day we were born, And the same when we depart? Take colors. The day you were born You were red.
Slowly, quietly she encroaches on the humming of life Inconspicuously she blankets miles upon miles of all types of land with simply a paintbrush in her hand She cannot be stopped
Many a sparrow sounds the alarm for a new dawn Many an eye opens, then close in irritation Refusing to appreciate the song of the morning Many a flower blooms; the evaporating dew Creates an aroma; a natural perfume
For hundreds of years blacks have died by whips and chains Its' 2013 and  blacks are still dying over whips and chains. Our heroes fought to make a change So why should'nt the new generation do the same
Growing older, growing taller,Watching all the people prosper.At that point I saw that cityFlourish under browning branches.  
Her being is in the air we breathe in. She is in the cerulean oceans. She is everything that is and has been. Her calm sunsets stir up deep emotions. Her mountains soar up to heavenly heights,
I write for the world. Its skies of blue stretching uniqueness across the planet Revealing its luster and foliage for all the universe to see
Looking for a warning sign Amidst Earth’s complex design Light little plastic bags Jellyfish to the turtles with our tags   Our pistons out on an ego trip Guzzling so fast, we need an IV drip
We watched As timid little cities Filled their bellies Full of brown and coal black The air, a muddled mess The bees, on verge of collapse The fish, caught in the wires we spun…  
Earth, she withstands our torment She knows all, yet she keeps all She lives and breathes with us She moves alongside us She is the breath of life And the harbinger of death Mother Earth is bleeding
This I saw on a February day: Fluttering of wings in the tears of the sky, Slumped arms of a cheerless Camphor tree,
There comes a time when we all hold a responsibility For what the world is and what it could be But we often get trapped in our own reality Concerned only with the well-being of our families
The shop doors open And the signs are turned, Every person, ready to strike a deal. Market street, dressed in wares of others' vision's Flowers, dresses, hats, grocers goods.
  The buzzing sounds of machines overwhelm our power of sound, mainstream rhythm is concealed. Birds that beautifully chirp, chirp, chirp
Scowling eyes filled with growing tears, which bleed and shed their seething fears. A land once ruled by natural laws, soon crumbled under political claws. These eyes, they see what is now disowned,
Before words, Poetry was what I saw,                 Outside my window.   Swallows swooping from,                 Spittle-caked nests. Bobcats bounding among,
Look! right there , yes..everywhere. INJUSTICE , i cry INJUSTICE ! tears, it's not fair we are poor , wheres our hope? the world is crumbling everything is dying. What happened to our beautiful trees?
Look outside. What do you see? Have you ever realized how special every componet of this earth really is? I bet you haven't.  Is the grass a lovely spring green? Or is it brownish like a decaying log?
Where will we be When teh Skys turn black and everything we see turns to attack. There is no turning back.   The waters will rise as the lands fall. Birds cease to fly.
Started out small, I did. Now i have grown Arms Into the sky Feet Into the ground From Mother, we came; Takes care of us, she does Small furry things
A meager rift in the atmosphere        One, maybe two degrees You sense its mood is changing                                                    Unsettling                                                             
And as I looked up at the sky I asked to the heavens, "why were we given the earth, if you knew we were going to destroy it?" A bird flew The stars twinkled, the planets moved,
I love the way the grass dances as the wind blows,  The way the trees sway,  And the howl of the wind.  The sky is baby blue with fluffy, scattered white clouds. A chill creeps up my spine. 
Jump, splash, plop. A calm peaceful pond, Little frogs swimming around, Exploring the wondrous beauty.
He covered his mouth to hush the panting breaths he took. Leaning his bare back against the shed, he re-formed his hand and placed a finger to his lips, asking a nearby rooster not to give away his position.
The many drops of rain Each splash forms a tiny circle Call that the spiral of human livelihood It expands so vastly with extreme celerity It's as if it expanded to the point
Gas prices are too high College tuition isn’t even affordable Layoffs and cut backs are expected and even looked forward to What has the world come to?
0A1l0l1 n0a1t0u1r0e1, 0S1p0l1i0t l1i0k1e0 c1a0p1p0i1l0a1r0i1e0s i1n0t1o0 t1h0e1 u0n1k0n1o0w1n0, 0W1h0e1r0e t1h0e1r0e m1a0y e1x0i1s0t h1o0p1e 0a1n0d 1e0x1c0i1t0e1m0e1n0t,
Walking in the woods and looking down On the ground and around And finding remnants of the past And wondering what happened to those who used to call this place home.
People are animals. We, once domesticated creatures, now are on a destructive regressive path. We are ending our own world. We are cracking our mother's heart with the pollution of our industries.
ECO Club E.C.O Club Environmental Conscious Organization Club The President
Standing still, eyes planted on the framed piece before me. Canary yellow, alive like a dandelion takes me back to the two room house on Spaghetti Hill. Red, as deep as blood that flows through our veins,
Trees fall and the wind blows Dead cigarettes fall as the smoke blows Alienated trash with nowhere to go The world wanders with nowhere go
On the beat, on the beat The only sound's the pounding feet Of people jumping on the stage, Dancing the story of our age, Of all the humans in their cage The dancers free their pounding rage.
The world's an ignorant factory, the rich bought the winning hand The middle class distraught, the poor blamed more than not The government explaining that it is simply supply and demand
Gazing into the bowels of the beast known as Boomtown I watch as its victims succumb to the temptations The depravations The unending depreciation Of small-town America All sparked by a foul-smelling black fuel.
Snow in April, May, and June Plus heat that rises past July There are way too many funky colors filling the sky. Smoke and smog, Gas and ash. People are destroying our world
The work of the hands was obsolete they say, Trying to cure the weed-ridden turf, But they forgot about my father today, His knees crack with effort in the dirt, Grass heads tickle against forgiving sun-rays.
Soil Provides A Solid Stage Rocks Are The Props The Sun Provides A Spotlight Wind Whistling A Gentle Tune River Flows In Peaceful Melody Rain Sings A Happy Song Grass Swaying In Gentle Rhythm
Somehow, she holds a delicate balance in the air. Not graceful— she tips as if filled with sloshing, sweet water— but she stays above the dirt until she's found her niche
Dust drifts down, and for a moment, it resembles the dance of white snow. Caused by a large boom, the dust falls and crashes into the top of houses, trees, and people. Some dust lingers in the air and shrouds everything in sight.
She gives me shelter and food And cares for the ones I love Everything I have is from her So I dump cyanide in her well Rip shingles off her roof Trample her garden Why? Because I can
The Pieces are taken from the earth and manipulated into something unnatural The synthetic product drinks a Piece of the earth; the earth’s poison.
In the summer, I dreamt of Styrofoam cups raining in my sleep. I’d wake under my sheets, buried under the humidity. Nervously, I would speak: I am still here I would say in the dark No one ever answered,
Decimated by mother nature's lack of repentance, a pallid environment ensures, men wizened to the bone- their loved ones calling for their souls and becoming seemingly ethereal
We find beauty in things untouched The remaining virginity of nature mesmerizes But in an attempt to grasp it It is tortured by the hands of the ignorant The greedy, the unsatisfied A child-like mind
I fall for you like shooting stars As you become my night sky I rise for you like the golden sun For you are the horizon in which I rise I fly free Because you are everything around me
The rootless trees are clustered together They search for everything, except the roots they need to survive. The windswept trees cannot stand long without each other. They are blown around by the winds.
The trees, hid her from everyone around The water, flowed beneath her tiny feet For nothing more beautiful could astound Like the pleasant river beyond the street,
“No. No. No. We are not like the other cells We are sophisticated and superior, living in houses and hotels No drinking via osmosis, but pull water from wells And we are called to worship God by the church bells”
In this world of thorns and roses Deception creates reality's balance Here lies a cup stemmed from overflowing greed Rather cage the bird than watch it fly.
Oh ruined labyrinth, your stone walls do evict our Grass. The days of labor and loathing seep into the roots of life! The Sky, she cries with her soul tainted from the waste of men,
Pearls of drops are ours to count As graceful as they fall, So as to, later, try to mount The throne of pride o'er all.
Tall, towering, majestic, grand. Clear, rushing, vibrant, pure. Alive, frolicking, happy, free. This is the way. This is the way the trees were. This is the way the water was. This is the way the animals were.
I remember the gently blowing wind in my youth that shook the trees. I remember the soft, gentle flower petals fall from the trees and land in my palm. The passing street cars zooming right on by.
Blue skies reside in photographs, predating sprawled luxury - untainted tips of childish thought with straight priorities.
I know a place where all is still It's by a lake behind a hill And though to find, it's quite a trek It's a lighthouse when you're about to wreck
Hey, hey, hey little flower Pink with joy warmer than candle sticks Arrayed with so much splendor Ah, yes; I see the things God can give You're always on my way out How someone can be allergic to you deceives me
As she rests her warm head on the reserved meadow I wait. As she descends I look ahead, waiting for you, Your imperfections, your craters that comfort me so tightly, As she descends I wait.
Skies stricken with the zephyrs of despair, Sun gleaming on gears of salvation, Nature may have something to spare; Then there would be glorified escalation.
Global warming is not real. People lie when they say that The North and South poles are melting, Arctic animals are dying, The weather is changing, We are in danger. Nobody knows the truth.
Look around Tell me what you see It’s easy when it’s staring back at me May be foreign to the newest eyes Always pure behind the tallest disguise Let no fancy cloud your doubt It’s there, it’s there, shout
Nonchalantly, I watch mother earth’s face erode as her acid tears stream down her face she silently wonders what ever happened to this place this earth we call our home is nothing but waste upon buildings of chrome
Here it comes, the summer breeze, over the mountains and through the trees, Down in the valley, birds take wing, ascending slowly, and begin to sing.
I hike on concrete toward concrete sky My oppressors are as easy as nectar from the mouths of flowers named in Latin In the clouds I see insincere rabbits and jagged dragons
At break of day, the sun slices through purple darkness of night illuminating sincere faces of mountain’s cliffs. Rainbows shimmer like mother of pearl through mist hanging on
The moon came with a whisper. Not until it rose high above did he realize the reason he couldn't rightly see his feet was because it had become night time.
The tall prairie grass sways, almost as if it’s dancing, in the breeze. The same light breathe of air blows over your skin, wrapping you in its embrace. The bright, shinning sun watches over you in its bed of pure blue.
The Mother Earth that once throbbed with life Is falling into the abyss of death. It is the human and animal strife Which contracts and compresses nature's breath.
When will we learn? When will we cry? We’re letting our planet burn, We’re letting it die. Nature’s balance has been upset, Who’s to blame? Who carries the regret, For setting our world aflame?
I feel lost Like a tree in a city 10 feet from my closest friend But only able to say she’s pretty And I can see the people walking by
Vast areas flocked with Soldiers of Green. Great pools caked with Kings of Blue. Endless gates accentuated with Givers of Clear. Hold your color! Hold you bearings! Hold that which created you!
It is the season of sleeping late while dreaming of red-orange trees shuddering in the evening breeze. These are the short days when the thirst for warmth suborns desire and Eros kisses summer love goodnight.
Where leaves are green and trees are tall, Where water roars and eagles call, Where night will come and silence fall, There I wish to be.   A place where deer and wolf run free,
The trees webbed together in a mesh of branches and unfallen sticks A beautiful collage of things as spider web of chaos in natural canopy but squirrels and chainsaws the masters
A Saguaro was killed in the street today, I wept as each car ran it over Poor thing it didn’t get to see a hundred A flower never bloomed on its green spiked scalp.
Always in constant wonder of everything But especially The sun, the sun, the sun Bright, warm, fantastic, beautiful Few words can describe the feeling it gives me It fills my heart, my mind, my body
The sun in the day, the moon at night, a sky littered with stars and clouds they hide behind. The trees, so tall, with leaves on their branches, which change their color and fall as summer passes.
Tracing envious combinations up dripping castles, magnified to become the object of shifting poles. Wind grazing lazy whitecaps among the visions, memories, smooth deep red river stones.
Child, so humble, so innocent Sun-kissed by golden streaks of warmth, Ray's gift of beauty to us. Hush, listen, for on summer days Like these, you can hear the wind Whispering secrets, tales of creation.
There is a sun in the sky Or sometimes the moon Either way I’m not looking At that There is a river It flows to the house That sits on a hill That flowers surround But I’m not looking
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