Change for Our Mother, Nuestra Tierra

Some say she was born millions ago,
Others say hundreds.
She's here now.

We treat her like we're teens,
We don't clean our room.
We kill her children,
Lo matamos cuando quiere cariño.

We still lay our head on her shoulders,
She's inspired us,
She's seen us grow,
We still suckle on her fruits,
Está con nosotros en la vida eterna.

Can't you see the pain in her eyes?
Can't you see the droop in her smile?
She's old and weary,
She's cracked and melted.
Se está acabando.

The Lord bless you to destroy His creation,
Neither did evolution say,
"You're the fittest. Please do what you please."

Where will we go once she's gone?
Her siblings are far,
Generations will travel.
What will we do once our home is no more?
Do we make our ancestors proud?

If there is one thing I can change;
Treat our Mother with amor y cariño that she deserves.


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