A New Bird in the Sky


The sweet sound of birds singing through the leaves

the wind innocently plays tag around the trees.

 The soothing sound as water travels downstream,

or silently rests clear and serene.

All is calm, all is sound

till the rumble comes from around.

There is a new bird in the sky.

The tumbling sound of man-made thunder.

Puts all living nature in a blunder.

Flies higher and faster than any airborne creature

because of It's sleek handcrafted  feature.

For there is a new bird in the sky.

No longer is the eagle king of the sky blue.

No longer is the vulture feared of his roar true.

For there is a new bird in the sky.

Lands have been cleared, diminished, and broken.

For the new metal bird that will never have spoken.

his fake new roar, puts all birds to shame,

The men here among us are the ones to blame.

For there is a new bird in the sky.

For bringing forth this creature they've created and tamed.

No longer will nature sound the same.

For we've fit it to our liking, to our brand new frame.


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