50 lives from now

50 lives from now the glaciers will melt

the rate at which ice leaves the planet is caused by us.

we did this.

it was one thing to unknowingly bring such positive change to the world

with our new gadgets and gear,

but now that we know the negativity of its outcome,

we still

continue to commit the acts against protecting our homes

our lives

our love

the 'leader of my nation'

the great United States

voted against bringing the earth to the hospital it needs

he allowed for this to continue

he gave his approval for the continuation of the ruin of the single planet we know in existence

to prosper life as we know it

he allowed this


we live in a divided earth where leaders fight for the health of our planet's and our own lives

we have good people wanting to inspire change

but we reject their speeches

we reject what they tell us because we grew up in a world where we were told:

"don't believe it unless you can see it"

we wait for the day where there is no turning back from the pain we will cause 50 lives from now to feel

50 lives from now the glaciers will melt

and cities as beautiful as the ones i've longed to visit and live in will only be memory

new york city, tokyo, berlin

entire countries submerged:

the netherlands, bangladesh

oceans widening and rising and seas coming together

we will cause an age where ice is only a myth and there won't need to be tales of the north pole or south

there won't be anyone to "live" there anyway

we will cause a youth to grow up never knowing the nature and beauty of the ethereal

landscapes we've been gifted at our birth

our actions toward the health of our planet is a middle finger flipping off the kid who will be our

50th grandkid from now

we're leading the movement toward an irreversible change in our planet

we're reaching the future predicted by the YA novels we grew up on

we believed it all fiction nad many still do

but we live in the reality that without a major change we won't gro up to have the same world we did at our births

there's still time.

there is time to turn our heads to finally face the problem we as a race have cuased

even if we don't want to do it for the sake of every single living species harmed by the problem

even if we only do it for our egotistical, superior motives 

at least we would finally move to a time for change

a time for new resources to be used even at the sake of our money

because there won't be any money left without the trees on which to grow it on

does he not understand that?

nothing we live for and do in our lives will matter if we're not living

it won't matter if we're dead before we finish our own motives

we can afford to spend a moment of our time fighting for the health of the only other being as important to the sake of our lives as our own

can nobody see that?

no one but the few heroically fighting for the cause my own "leader" is too cowardly to fight?

can we not acknowledge for once that without our earth er cease to exist?

50 lives from now humanity will begin to realize the error we made in not shifting course for the better

5,000 years ago

the rate we go at our "human activities", we will be reaching the worst possible outcome for our earth

what's the harm in helping the world for a change instead of just taking from her?

50 lives from now we won't be forgiven

we ,ay never live to see our 50 lives from now but on our deathbeds then

we will begin to understand the pain we have cuased to those who will feel the pang most

50 lives from now

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Our world


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