Wed, 04/18/2018 - 09:42 -- Kacey59

My feet sink into nature's soft, luscious carpet.

The blades tickle my toes playfully.

I savor the fresh, sweet smell

And I admire the color, a deep green, like an emerald.


In the morning, dew envelopes the blades.

The water clear and cool,

Greets bare-feet with a leap of joy.

The grass whispers a soft hello.


In the summer we crush the blades

As we jump and run and play.

There is a patch of dirt worn from countless games of volleyball,

Even in the winter the grass will not return there.


The dirt is carried away by the wind like ashes,

A reminder of the life that once was.

During times of drought, the earth cracks forms ravines in the soil.

When the rain comes, a river will run through the desert.


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