Let us turn our kid's future like our grandparent's past



Look around, what a beautiful place.

A beautiful place ruined by human trace.

Gone are the dancers who dance with sway and grace.

But now seeing it destroyed is a commonplace.


You will be lost in this place like a giant green maze.

But now you can see it all with one gaze.

The once blue sky.

Is slowly saying goodbye.


The blue thing above is now being covered by haze.

Poor non-human creatures shouting for help like humans with craze.

Look around everything green is gone.

What had you done?


Poor Mother, she had been in war without a gun.

She needs your help as her daughter and son.

If you will continue to destroy this once lovely Earth.

The next generation may not be able to give birth.


Together, for Mother Earth, let us unite.

Together, for Mother Earth, let us fight.

Let us fight with bravery, courage, and might.

Let us fight for a future that is bright.



This poem is about: 
Our world


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