Dear Vegetarians

Dear Vegetarians,

I am one of you.

A word that defines 4% of our youth

And only 3% of adults.

A definition that encompasses so much more

Than someone who refuses to eat meat.

A lifestyle that supports animal rights,

Showing that you are a peacekeeper, a progressor

And someone who won’t stand for an industry

That simply isn’t right.

But more importantly, it stands for someone who loves

Someone who loves animals equally




Just as much as your dog

Or cat

Or fish.

If you wouldn't eat them,

What makes the rest of the

Animal kingdom

The beautiful kingdom

Any different?


These animals

Are beautiful,

No two the same,

All unique in their own right,

All exploited for our benefit.

But see,

They’re living creatures,

Just like us.

With minds, and hearts

That beat and race

Just like ours,

Who feel fear

And happiness,

All mixed into one.

See, to be a vegetarian

Is to love these animals.

To love them for more than what they do for you

But for what they are in their own right.

This is something

That I am proud of.

Dear Vegetarians,

Continue to be the voice

For those who have none,

And loving those when the other 93%

Of America




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