Is this Nature?

Fri, 10/04/2013 - 21:05 -- Katt


Birds harmonize in nearby trees;

A helicopter flies overhead, beating the air with its wings;

A motor works to keep the humans inside cool,

While humans driving cars burn deadly fuel;

Wind blows through the trees, the grass, past my ears

Adding to the orchestra of sound I hear, but

Is this Nature?


Where I rest the grass has grown thin

And beyond me the grass does not grow,

Not where humans have stomped their mighty feet,

Not when the problem is ignored, to which they know;

Petite white flowers grow from the green sea

And large pink flowers blossom to be seen, but

Is this Nature?


Car engines that work, only release invisible beasts that kill;

Vines begin a new path along plastic fences:

To which cannot be brought into the Circle of Life;

Human shelters are built on either side of me,

Where I can return to if the heat becomes too smothering or the cold too shattering;

The plants, the animals, the sounds of the Earth cannot be enjoyed from where I rest;

This is not Nature.


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