The Destruction of our Home

The pain begins to kick in.

The never ending pounding, 

The drums beat inside my head. 

Trembling, the room spins,

Sipping the vodka in my glass,

I'm drowning.

My liver screams

As I down one, two, four.

My inner conscience spills blood.

The guilty pleasures outweigh all

The suffering, the death.


This suffocating cloud

Of chemicals and poison,

My selfishness yells, yes!

As I spark that match,

Dragging in the destruction of my lungs.

The nicotine smashing my blood,

Rapturous pleasures surrounds

My heart, My thoughts, My soul.

My lungs, they cry to me,

"Why do you poison me,

Why do you destroy what nature has provide you?"

Deaf to all but my ecstasy,

I take another drag, another shot.


As I grasp this syringe,

staring into the very depths of my soul,

My self-indulgence in the wealth of pleasure,

Edges me for more.

I yearn for this, 

Who cares for what my heart says,

Who cares for what my brain says?

Strapped, the greed drowns my brain,

The voice of my heart, consumed.

The syringe penetrates my temple . 

The pollutants flood my veins.


Flying away on this cloud of euporia,

Nothing can bring me down from this high.

The warmth of the sun tingling my skin,

Clear blue skies,

Fields of daisies,

Birds singing love songs,

Surrounded by heaven, nothing can bring me down.


As I float higher and higher,

The skies blacken.

Death protrudes from the open fields.

The singing of the birds fade.

There on the floor,

The pale corpse I used to call home,

Lie lifelessly.

Inaudible, I shrieked and clawed,

As the darkness swallows me inch by inch.

My Heart pulses,

"I told you so. it is far too late,

To revoke what has been done."









Losing my self to my music and my feelings, I loved the part where the person realizes his self-indulgence and temporary ecstasy vanishes, allowing him to see what has really happened to the life that once thrived.

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