Was privileged to have a fortunate chattering communion with the chirping plover;

The most exotic bird ever, with a grey-brown back and wings, bright yellow eye rings,
a white belly and a white breast along faded pinkish legs, black neckband,
large white forehead patch.
The bird out of the blue, by fluttering it's narrow whitish wing stripes,
webbed toes, started capering beside me.
Was captivated by the nature's tint in the Plover's leg, the head pattern
and the white eyebrows across forehead!

At once, we shared an intimate bonding as it came to greet me,
on the narrow levee of the river edge!
Nearby, there was a gravel pit, it grabbed insects and worms hungrily.
The vagabond waterbird whispered, emitting a fi-fi, gee-gee, pip-pip
call as was hopping, warbling in its own world, twittering,
"I love wandering, will join in grasslands, coastal and wetlands again, if your fellow beings will spare me to survive!"
Was stirring, fluttering it's brown wings swiftly to mingle in the clouds of the dusky sky!"

© Silpika Kalita

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Our world
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