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United States
36° 47' 50.4492" N, 76° 11' 23.8776" W

0A1l0l1 n0a1t0u1r0e1,

0S1p0l1i0t l1i0k1e0 c1a0p1p0i1l0a1r0i1e0s i1n0t1o0 t1h0e1 u0n1k0n1o0w1n0,

0W1h0e1r0e t1h0e1r0e m1a0y e1x0i1s0t h1o0p1e 0a1n0d 1e0x1c0i1t0e1m0e1n0t,

0O1r 1d0a1n0g1e0r 1a0n1d 0d1e0a1t0h 1d0r1a0g1g0i1n0g, 1h0e1a0v1y, 1u0n1f0u1l0f1i0l1l0i1n0g1,

1S0o1m0e1 0t1i0n1k0e1r0 t0h1e 0q1u0a1n0t1u0m - 1s0m1a0s1h0i1n0g 1a0n1d0 1s0m1a0s1h0i1n0g - hoping,

1O0t1h0e1r0s 1p0e1e0r 1a0n1d 1p0e1e0r 1d0e1e0p1e0r - 1f0a1r0t1h0e1r 1a0n1d 1m0o1r0e 1g0l1a0z1i0n1g 1i0n1t0o a 1b0l1a0c1k 1a0n1d 1i0n1f0i1n0i1t0e 1a0b1y0s1s - anticipating,

And even more others journey not into the realms time and space, quantum or cosmic, but into a world of patterns,

The beauty of life's ever rejuvenating complexity,




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