It's Evolution, Baby


Exploded from nothing, just children of the stars
All of a sudden, these little starts started to bloom.
Little did we know, that we were our own doom.
An undying animosity towards all who succeed,
repressed and held so quietly.
Look at how we've succeeded!
Man killing man,
Man killing land
Man killing sea, 
Man killing the Earth,
Killing machines are what we've come to be.
Bombs annihilating the masses, flattening the ground,
frightening all with it's deafening sounds.
Begrimed the dissident race from nature's law,
their only concern to satisfy their lust.
Brutes, be the humans, who'd consume others raw.
Consumed in narcissism and ignorance to the land,
no concern for the earthly Mother.
Blackened becomes the air as metal takes over the land.
Blackened becomes the sea as we poison her.
Hunt for survival, benevolent and true,
soon turned malevolent and spiraling out of control.
Without ceasing this lethal agenda,
we humans shall expire.


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