Mind Throbs


I walk into the class, Room nine

and all I see are boys behinds

I wish they would take school more serious

cause what they're doing is delerious

I sit and wait for instruction, everyone is loud consumed with corruption

I wish they could see all the destruction, but what they think is just assumption.

It's sad to see this generation crumble, with little things making them stumble

without God their words just mumble, blind to see whats real and humble.

Forced to hear the medias lies, and too mislead to close thier eyes, its in their heads like swarms of flies

they're too drawn in to start and hide

Why are we learning degrees and pie, getting lost in circumference while young citizens die

Have you ever stopped and really asked why?

Why's there shakes of ground in Hati, Does everybody hate me?

I know the struggle, for its what made me, but in the end we're all still shady

That brings me to a thing called maybe

If we love eachother, then we might just save Z.

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I loved the voice and mood of the poem. It gave it a lot of feeling. Nice job


thank you :) Easiest way to express my mind is through poem. Im glad you enjoyed it.

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