Doomed to Humans


Where the air flows fresh and crisp

And life radiates shades of green

And orange and red and colors

That run deeper than the scars

Of the Earth;

Where the grasp of man halts,

Giving way to nature,

Where the footprints of history

Still belong to the mother,

Where the sky weeps

In sheets of life

For the fate of the idyllic land

Because it knows what is inescapable,

That is where I send my sorrow.


In time, the green

Will turn to grey.

In time it won’t matter

How tall the trees grew

Or how fit the animals were.

In time the Earth will choke on concrete

And all we will know is grey and greyer.

In time the Earth will pass away

But in less time than we realize.

For this world is not doomed

To ice or fire

This world is doomed to humans.


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