Deep Thoughts About Race

Yes, I am thinking about the human race

Please note that race has ‘four letters’

And most four-letter words

Can cause problems, ills, havocs and wars

Race is to describe what fills up the space

It is a trivially descriptive and unstable concept

Like water, liquid or gas with no obvious context

The human race is synonymous with humanity

Which makes a lot of sense, but unfortunately

Witless people who talk crabs and craps tend to misuse

This four-letter word with bias, single-mindedness and hubris

It is basically grouping what one presumes, envisions or sees

Race means nothing, lees, dregs and slags with no sound gist

Fill in the blank, if you can

As we all know, first God created one man and one woman

I wonder who would disagree with this assessment

For procreation’s sake that a man and a woman

Form a couple to make babies or infants

Race means species. How many species did God conceive?

The Almighty Providence created Adam and Eve

I feel strongly that God solely cares about one race

The only one that he created in the Garden

On Earth was born somewhere in Africa

Like it or not, we are descendants of two Africans

I dare anybody to prove that I am incorrect or false

Next time somebody mentions or talks about race

Feel free to laugh as loud as one can in this person’s face

Real history is full of stories, theories, jokes, lies, guesses and farces

Nowadays in order to be politically correct, ‘men’ in plural, one would say

A man and a woman. Amen! We also know that ‘men’ love to divide

To conquer, to lie, to cheat, to invent and to betray with false pride

Keep on thinking deep! Let’s not stop until we comprehend the nonsense

Around you and me (humanity). Let’s protect the human race

Let’s not dissect and divide humanity, by inventing more races

In the wind, under the sun, the moon and the stars

Did God create many groups or species?

Let’s think deep, deep about the human race.


Copyright © February 2022, Hébert Logerie, All rights reserved

Hébert Logerie is the author of several books of poetry.



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