Rebuilding the World


Forest in the hills,stars in the sky,

deer in the meadow,

birds learn to fly.


Animals roam freely,

coyotes in the night,

we rarely ever see them,

even in the light.


People make them silent,

people make them hide,

predator in the woods,

we’re on a different side.


Sometimes it feels

like an invisible war

is happening each moment,

no matter what for.


We cut down the trees

destroy all their homes

they run from our fires

the place they once roamed.


Pollution fills the air,

one day we will see,

how lucky we were,

before we killed our trees.


We must save what we have,

repopulate the land,

help all our great forests,

and come up with a plan.


So the earth can be fixed,

and the trees can grow old,

and the mountains will stay tall,

and the land won’t be sold.


Then we can be kind,

living on a planet of green,

and forget the horror,

that we have all seen.

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Our world
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