Nature Arose


The power of nature arose, spreading through the earth,

Surrounded closely by blades of grass. The mammals froze ready

to protect. Flowing to the brick hard road. Bearing moss green,

cyan blue, starky brown, rosy pink just screaming colors. With

rough, soft, creamy, and scaly skin. I am Mother Nature. I am the

original native of this world. Mother to nature. No one is above

me. I rule supreme. Having given birth to Trees, Birds and

Animals. Virtually every species on earth. I have created land,

shifted continents around the world with the touch of one finger. 

Gave life to all. Completely wiped out generations on earth several

times. But with the existence of the humans, I have been weakened

day by day. The humans have taken me into their hands attempting

to control me. I will bring a halt to this. The humans have to 

realize that without me they will soon perish. I will stop these

humans, I will let them see the repercussions of nature. Cause

droughts all over the world, let the animals go extinct. Let them see

the animals suffer and in return they will suffer as well. Thunder

will strike their homes, Hurricanes will demolish their cities.

Earthquakes will shake them up, vibrating stronger than a phone.

That will give them the oil they’re looking for. Birds will no longer sing.

Flowers will no longer bloom. Fish will no longer swim. Ice will no

longer be ice. And if this is not enough, Trees will no longer breathe.

And humans will no longer live. I need not ask if this will benefits others,

for I know this is correct. This will benefit all and stop the world from

destruction. I request everyday and every minute for humans to

respect me. I, Mother Nature will let humans see the different parts

of me being destroyed. In animals, plant life, nutrition literally aspect

of human life will be affected. I know that humans have forgotten

about me. I will make sure repercussions are made for each part

of me being destroyed. I would have saved the humans. Make them

change their ways of living. If I fail and humans end up destroying

themselves. I will still prevail in some way or another, so it does not

affect me for I have lived for centuries. Nothing will be remembered

of this era. If awareness prevails, both humans and nature will live, both

respecting each other. ONE cannot live without me


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