Seasonal Beauty

Thu, 08/24/2017 - 17:49 -- Kacey59

Summer comes as sweet as the strawberries in the front yard  do,

In the full swing of June swelling with intangible flavor.

The plant starts bitter in late April when it is tucked into the soft earth.

Slowly under the glow of the nurturing sun, the berry transitions from a dull green to a vibrant red


Summer leaves as sullenly as the who children return to school.

Fall comes as quickly as the temperature drops.

The sun surrenders to the chilly winds and cloudy skies.

The sweet, vibrant berries give way to leaves of warm hues of red, orange, and gold.



Fall leaves as drearily as rain and sleet do.

Colorful leaves too give way soon, to the brown color of death lurking with the threat of winter.

The grey skies become the angelic white of freshly fallen snow.

Sweaters become thick coats that the cold still cuts through.


Winter comes as silently as the soft snow does.

In the dead of night it blankets the grass that will soon be lush again.

Unmarred and glistening in the sun when children look outside of the window.

Winter leaves as abruptly as the snow melts.


Spring comes as beautifully as the butterflies do.

The blanket of snow becomes a plush carpet of grass.

Animals crawl out of their dens and frolic in the sun.

Spring melts into summer's sweet embrace.



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