A butterfly

Drifting and floating.

Knowing, it only lives for a month.

It drifts flower to flower,

landing on every one.

Soaking them in.

Spreading their genetics,

so they make more flowers.


In one month,

something so helpful,

so selfless,

so beautiful.

This one creature,

means so much,

every beautiful flower,

you look upon,

you admire,

would not be there.

Imagine a world,

no color,

no beautiful fragrances.

A world,

with no butterflies.

They are free.

Not taking anything for granted.

Do they know?

Maybe no, or maybe so.

Either way,

they make their way,

spreading the pollen,

they're never sullen.

Have you ever seen a sad butterfly?



Not floating,

not soaking up the warm air.


they're busy living.

I wish,

we the society,

could be like that.

Like the butterflies.


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