My escape, my comfort, the

My escape, my comfort, the beautiful blue sea.


When I was young, I came to you constantly.

We were the best of friends when the sun shined brighter.

You kept me cool from all the extreme heat.


Now I'm eighteen, basically an adult.

I visit you more often than not.

When the weather is cold and when its hot.


Lately I've been witnessing, some horrible things.

Apparently people can't see your beauty within.

I'm upset by the littering and all the pollution.


Do people not see how they're ruining their home.

The magnificant ocean that provides for us all.

Oxygen, and weather, and even recreation.


My friend, please don't cry, do not shed a tear.

I plan on saving you from all these horrid ordeals. 

Conversation, protection, I'll gladly serve you.


Your escape, your comfort, the marine biologist.


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