"I am the Voice"


United States
28° 0' 49.4748" N, 81° 36' 32.3532" W

When will we learn?
When will we cry?
We’re letting our planet burn,
We’re letting it die.

Nature’s balance has been upset,
Who’s to blame?
Who carries the regret,
For setting our world aflame?

When man commits a crime,
Against another man or humanity,
He pays for his sin with his time,
Showing his crime for all to see.

But who shall pay for killing the Earth?
Killing her species for human gain,
Destroying Nature with or without mirth,
Who shall answer for her pain?

We all have to make that choice:
Stand by and let it occur,
Or stand up and be the planet’s voice,
Which do you prefer?

I am the voice of the big and small,
I stand for Nature when no one will,
I’ll protect those that swim, fly, run or crawl,
Whether they have fur, scales or gills,
I’ll protect them all.
I’ll fight against those who’d kill,
Though it’s like a fight against a wall,
I’ll fight for Nature still,
To prevent the future I’d appall,
And I’ll fight forever and only until:
Man answers my and Nature’s call.


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